2012/03/23 Minutes of EWG Meeting

Economics’s Docs 2012/03/23 Minutes of EWG Meeting

EWG Minutes 23rd March 2012
Peter, Chris, Mike, Sean, Rob, Janos, Dave, Clive
1. Minutes of meeting on Monday 19th March approved
2. Numbers of attendees – 70 on the mailing list. Attendance dropping over the last few
months. Proposed to email all on the list “why don’t you attend?” Need to be aware of
feedback proposing change for changes’ sake. All occupy groups have suffered attrition but
it’s worth finding out what people think. Some participate via email but have difficulty in
attending. Output is important and quality of discussion is key the group’s worth. Not
enough people generally interested in economics and the group is to help people understand
why it’s important. Chris will draft email and circulate to today’s attendees for
comments/suggestions before dispatch to the list.
3. New timetable for theme discussions to be circulated by Tim
4. Press release – what is the process? |The FT isn’t necessarily addressing our target market.
Who sends out releases? What is our target market? – broader than the converted/supporters
of occupy. Ronan, Naomi, Spiros (media team) provide stylistic input to what EWG produce
and ensure releases are sent to 300-500 press contacts. EWG need to consider alternative
media strategies versus hierarchical occupy media system which potentially filters
messages. Medium of communication needs to be controlled by the domain of expertise (ie.
EWG) while demonstrating responsiveness to events and spontaneity. EWG can develop its
own online media strategy to broaden channels of communication. Need training in new
media, set aside time to identify target market and then implement online communication
strategy. Occupy’s message needs to be distinctive. For some, occupy may be a career
opportunity which is not necessarily negative but we need to ensure personal agendas are
avoided in the communication strategy. Simple communicaton is most effective. Need to
define what we want from our press releases. The issues we are discussing are replicated
thorughout occupy currently. Do we have a coherent view to impart via press releases?
Tom Moriarty and Peter are working on the draft of handbook items – to be shared with the
group for refinenment/challenge etc. We need an internal discussion on strategy. Our
message needs to be differentiated to attract the media. New media can be tailored to
address specific views/issues – brevity works best. Radical views can be accommodated.
Next steps: supply info/content to Sean, eg. Mike – Waltham Forest Trades Council. Sean
will help others to put together items for online media.
5. Janos has initiated a forum discussion on the new website: Occupy – our heritage: the 1% is
enslaving the rest of us because we don’t have a basic income. Everyone is invited to
participate in the forum discussion – ownership of money is key to finding solutions.

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