Minutes 24 June 13

Minutes 24 June 13

Minutes Economics WG Mon 24th June 2013 5pm Friends’ Euston

Present: Mike, Dave, Schrap, Andy, Janos, Mark (latish), Obi (near end)
Apologies: Peter, Clive, Tim, John

2. Minutes of 17th & 21st ACCEPTED One request for more paragraph spacing

3. Matters arising item 12 – clash with EEE Friday 28 at LARC (item 15). AGREED to move our meeting there for 4.59pm start for Andy’s presentation so can continue into EEE at 6pm. Presumably some voluntary donations welcome – on level of buying tea at Friends.

4. Mike’s ‘Way Forward’ paper – AGREED a new group to implement it (wi Peter, Tom,+?)

5. People’s Assembly 22 June 4K+ people, v uplifting at times, too many for full participation as organised (except Participation & Democracy session Mark B & Julie), glitches with non platform speakers being invisible to part of audience, subgroups not always audible, low media coverage though R4 that morning. Potential strike action – including national & demo outside Conservative conf Manchester Nov 5th. More rhetoric than compelling economic analysis though James Meadway clearest. More may emerge. Website

6. Themes/Structure Workshop AGREED to postpone till autumn

7. Gender Balance AGREED to await Tim’s conference feedback & John’s email circular, and continue informal discussions as opportunities arose.

8. Mansion House Speech Action Wed 19 Good but underpublicized to press – partly because of continued uncertainty on publication time of Banking Report. NOTED 6 women & 4 men from Occupy appeared (+ bunch from 38 degrees). At least those invited aware of our concern.

9. Telephone links to enable rapid turnouts to actions where needed. AGREED to reinstitute telephone tree. All present would participate. Other EWG members should tell Dave whether they wished to be included or not. Inform & note response of rest of Occupy & include the willing. NOTE participants could indicate wish to be ‘leaves’ – no one to call on to, ‘branches’ – receive & pass on calls or ‘stems’ – starter contacts of tree; – but build in secondary lateral communication provision in case link missing. If not bothered don’t specify. Being in the tree entails a responsibility to pass info on (unless a leaf) – not necessarily to turn up. (Domestic issues happen.)

10. Speakers’ Corner this Sun 30th, definitely Peter, Mike, Dave, Steve, Andy, Janos – others encouraged, speaking not obligatory – roles for conversation & distributing Little Book Ideas. Note probable clash with EEE & Trenton Assembly – encouraging them to hold them at/near Speakers’ Corner – if so EWG would be performing c.3-5, otherwise aim start c. 2.15 but watch out for updates. (Currently look like EEE & Trenton Assembly in RFH.)

11. Agenda Mike argued for a very simplified one (format attached), Dave for ongoing format. AGREED to encourage wider EWG comment (non attendees give opinions). Dave OK with Mike’s simple version going on website for now but would circulate more detail to list members, at least until further feedback.

13. (sic) Shoutouts c) Mike’s article summarising the Tax Avoidance thread had 700 hits today on Radical Soapbox website. f) no info yet on LSE students Alternative Economics conf. Has anyone? Is it part of the NEF do there?

14. D/ UK & EU Debt Campaign & Audit Steve to write paper. Dave would like more feedback/development/ideas on his. AGREED to renudge Jubilee Debt Campaign on meeting of groups to bring this on.
F/ Book Reviews / Reading/ Circle was suggested by Steve – please respond

15. Future Agendas NOTE meeting this Friday (Andy’s Paper on money etc.) transferred to LARC (62 Fieldgate St. E1 1ES nearest tube Whitechapel) so can attend EEE do afterwards.
Proposal to skip July 8 meeting for NEF Alternative Mansion House Speech forgotten/ no time (defer to Mon 30th Agenda). Otherwise still on course for Fri 5th both/either ‘Citizen’s Income’ and/or ‘Unemployment’ (unclear who will contribute/lead either)
Fri 12 July Precarious Workers’ Brigade
Fri 19 July Tom Line’s revised banking ideas + Parliamentary report on Banking + Rich’s priorities (safe ratio?)

16. AOB Please bring your own Agenda/ Minutes to next meeting (Dave appols 4 absence)

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