Ion Square Gardens – Day 5

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Ion Square Gardens - Day 5
Greetings All:
Just to report that the Occupy Nomad camp is now on it's fifth day on the new site.
We did not realise that we ended up in Tower Hamlets again. Really wanted to have another camp set up in
Brief chat here with the others and Tammy has decided to join us. 1. On a meeting, the group has decided to get rid of the big marquee for now. I am contacting my martial arts school to see whether they would be okay with storing it for a couple of months. They can use it for the summer. 2. We have also managed to get more tents to replace the broken ones. 3. The local people and housing group have made contact and they are friendly. They also arranged for a couple of portaloos to be brought in. 4. We still have access to the public toilets in Haggerston Park. 5. The local councillor visited last night and wanted to arrange a meeting with the MP for the area. We also asked for a sharps box, as this park is known to have problems with needles left by addicts. Heavy duty gloves have been sourced. 6. We plan to be a stabilising factor in the park, so long as we are in the area. Yours Respectfully. Obi

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