Haggerston Park Day 12. After Royal Courts of Justice.

Occupy Nomads’s Docs Haggerston Park Day 12. After Royal Courts of Justice.

This is just a report on the events for the last week of the Nomadic camp, in Haggerston Park, London Borough of Hackney.

  1. We arrived 13th Of May 2012, Sunday.
  2. We were approached by the Park Manager on 14th Monday.
  3. We informed him that we were intending to stay for a maximum of 28 days.
  4. We promised not to have any more tents than the 16 we had already set up.
  5. 22nd of May, the camp received a High Court summons. Mispelling two names that were known to Hackney Council. Along with Occupy London and Persons unknown.
  6. We had 48 hours to appear in court, leaving no defence possible.
  7. We have already stayed 2 weeks in Limehouse Basin (Corporate land) and 6 weeks Mile End Park, for a total of 2 months in Tower Hamlets. We do not want bailiffs getting involved and the taxpayer paying the bill.
  8. Kay represented us in court. Not to fight the case, which would be setting a precedent that would make things harder for Occupy and other protest camps in Britain, but to ask for a reasonable amount of time for us to find temporary accommodation for our homeless campers.
  9. Master Cook of the Royal Courts of Justice, granted possession to the claimant and the defendant should leave the area forthwith.
  10. The “forthwith” is problematic as we have no idea about timeline.
  11. Kay will call the Council and see if we can have one week to find other accommodation.
  12. We have a van ready for when the move becomes necessary.
  13. The Solar Panels are off-site and safe.
  14. It’s good to see some Finsbury people visiting the place and enjoying the surroundings.
  15. The camp looks to have 15 members. All males…c’est la vie
  16. We need more flyers and literature.

Plans for the future:

We need more flyers and need to create some more specific to the local area.

Hit the ground running, rather than play catch up.

We do think that as a small camp,we are being used as a testbed to cleanse London of protesters and homeless.

© 2012 Occupy London
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