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Create your own account
What can you do? 
You can create your own profile (like on facebook) , join working groups, make friends, post links, photos, videos,....etc!
Remember this is going to be open to the public, and will be under the name of occupylondon, so try to keep it political!
Also remember to respect the online safer space policy
Moderation will be very strict as it will be our outward facing platform, attached is a file explaining it.
How does it work?
1. Create an account:
on the top right corner you can create your own account. 
You will receive an activation out as it tends to end in the spam folder.
2. Create your profile:
Once you have your account you can add info about yourself and a photo.
3. Join a group:
you can join working groups online. This will allow you to keep up with what they are doing.
You can set your preferences to receive by email notifications daily, or on a weekly basis, or other options.
4. Make Friends:
it's a bit like can make friends and share stuff online with them. If you click on "members" on the menu bar you will be directed to a page with all the current members. If you click on the people you know, they will receive an invitation to become your friend.
4. Start posting!!!
Post photos, videos links, etc...let's make it political though!...or related to our amazing past months..can't wait to see all your photos :)
5. And just explore! it has a lot of features, events, forums....etc
Have fun!

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