12.07.18 Website meeting summary and agenda

Website Development’s Docs 12.07.18 Website meeting summary and agenda

1. Agenda setting platform

>> Put on pirate pad/google docs to generate agenda. Publish “final” agenda on website.

Agenda for next meeting: http://piratepad.net/fxzg1Cpz5F

2. Structure of photo gallery (Jack & Vica)

>> Carry on Uploading. Create a landing page that spliits off into categories straight away (but include “all category”)

3. Structure of video gallery: (Obi & Vica)
– How to structure it
– To add:Bank of ideas, OccupyLSX and Finsbury Square eviction
– Where to include non Occupy streams

Obi: I would like to find all those videos floating around and have them embedded on the site.
Then Bank of Idea’s eviction. OccupyLSX camp eviction
The footage from Vicaolsx have already been included on the Finsbury camp eviction, yet we have not re-visited the OccupyLSX camp and Bank of Ideas. The current trial of the #Occupy11 should mean that we need to analyse that night again.
Once Nafeesa regains access to her Livestream account, we can do the same for footage from 2011.
I have various footage that are not strictly from the Occupy movement, which I see as part of Outreach. I would like to see if I can include them in our blog.

>> Use Vica’s landing page and then create slidesets with categories for the Videos.
Obi has been given admin access so he can do this.

4. Posting of Livestream of non minuted GAs (Obi)
– Add the video stream coverage from past G.A.’s that are not on the site. (There are a few from January that could be included, yet unfortunately no minutes posted. General Assemblies, Finance G.A.’s. Working Group G.A.’s, Eviction G.A.’s)
Beginning of February and mid-March assemblies are non-existent.

>> As Obi is admin he can now post as GA planning
General comments on GA minutes.
– would be good to have a summary as excerpt (Jack will suggest this to minute takers/uploaders)
– would be nice to check older minutes, and to add excerpts and tags for easier searching

5. New livestreamers (Obi)
tammy samede olsx

>>Vica will add them to the Livestream page
General discussion on Obi’s own channel. We will discuss this more in the future

6. What to do with inactive admins? (Vica)

>> None currently exist. Ask about who has access to domain level stats.
Vica to chase up Tom.
Vica to send an email to Spyro and James about our new working practices

7. Media menu: (Jack)

>> Vica to email Katherine regarding TCU webpage.

8. Home page: (Jack) – slideshow at top of page: Like images, but dominate most screens. More images? Colour correct and aspect ratio.

>> Jack set up “HOMEPAGE” Slide Set, anyone can swap out images.

9. Events: (Jack)
– Day of week on events. – Vica to look at this
– Needs shout-out to be clearer eg. NON OCCUPY LONDON EVENT.
(Obi: I thought that idea of shout-outs are that they are non-Occupy London events. Will make it clearer).

>> Leave as it is for now as it is quite open – can discuss this further in a larger meeting if necessary.

10. About page: (Jack)
– http://occupylondon.org.uk/about – intro needs improvement.

>> General agreement. But not easy and should involve a spectrum of Occupy voices.
– Statements: Good here, but could we rename menu to include more clarity that this is where statements are or add menu header.

>> Vica/Jack will add them to the About drop down menu –

11. Donate: (Jack)
Fine, but we don’t have weekly budgets anymore, is that absolutely necessary?

>>Jack will move them to bottom of page

comment Obi:
I do think that OccupyLondon should have their own paypal account. General fund for needs. If we can provide all working groups/sites with tablet or smart phone access, it would be so helpful, and might limit accusations of heirarchy.

>> Involves a more general discussion on the way Finance will work in Occupy.

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