30.09.13 International WG meeting summary

International ’s Docs 30.09.13 International WG meeting summary

Anastasia, Andria, Dave, Inka, Mark, Obi, Silvia, Shrep.


International Trade Agreements

The issue of the International Trade Agreements was introduced by Dave and Inka.
After a general discussion there was consensus on the idea of organising a public event where we would invite speakers to talk more in depth about it.
There was a general agreement that it was an important topic for Occupy to look into.
Dave and Inka will start organising the event.

International Convergences

Introduction by Vica of upcoming international convergence.

Vica and Dave will be going to Amsterdam this weekend.
Concerns raised by Vica regarding the fact of going as an individual but at the same time being associated with a Occupy.
General comments by the group that we should value the fact that someone from Occupy is participating and not be fearful of talking as a member of Occupy. Of course, decisions cannot be made on behalf of Occupy, but this would be the case with any other group.
At the same time those of us going have responsibility towards the group to feedback on what is discussed there.
Suggested ways to feedback:
– send links to livestreams and press releases
– write an article about it once back
– give feedback at the next meeting
If very relevant things come up, organise a broader meeting with the activist communities in London. Vica will also send an email to the list asking if people have comment that they think we should consider in going to Amsterdam

Important to outreach to groups and individuals letting them know it is happening and how they can participate.
Ways in which this can be done:
– forward the invitations to groups and individuals we know (everyone)
– organise an event inviting other groups and individuals to join where we can explain more about it (Vica will do this)

– do a podcast on it

General topics of discussion

Reiteration of the topics we plan to discuss in the next meetings:
– prepare for the next international convergences
– prepare for the next international days of action
– discuss topics for international statements (Debt, Land, Inequality, etc)
work on improving connections and supporting other groups

Next meeting Firday 11 October, 7pm, Friends House.

Pad for the agenda of the meeting: http://piratepad.net/j5wRirzk2Y

Event page for next meeting:



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