26.11.12 Website Meeting Summary and Tasks

Website Development’s Docs 26.11.12 Website Meeting Summary and Tasks



Have only about in the menu, and not the statements (Vica)

About takes you to a page with a text that explains what Occupy is and the list of statements like this:http://occupylondon.org.uk/about

The introductory text needs to be worked on. (Tina, with Em will activate a pirate pad for this where others can help)



They are put under the same menu :”get involved (Vica)

GA menu:

  • Have General Assembly instead of GA (Vica)
  • About the General Assembly” needs updating (Em)
  • Take away “Schedule” (Vica)

Groups menu: (Vica)

  • take away “meetings”
  • check which groups still exist

People menu: (Vica)

  • take away “Forum”



Email GS to find out more about it (Vica)



add widget to Follow us for Youtube (Vica)

add an email for welcome team (Vica)

add a submit an article button (Vica)



We need to reflect more on the general layout of the main page (Sidebars and blogposts)

based on what functions we think the website needs to cover. (Vica will work a bit on this, and prepare a draft of a new layout that can be used for a base of discussion next week. It would be good to collect feedback from both people in Occupy and not on what they look for when going to the site)



This also needs more reflection and could be developed together with a better layout of the homepage.

Also we need to work on how to integrate more personal blog posts of people involved in Occupy.

Reactivate the comments as default (Vica)



Cross-posting events from other platforms (all)

Approving pending events (all)

Approving articles (once set up Em and Liz)

Responding to tech issues through the website email (Vica with help from Tom and James)



Would be good to set up a team who works on producing a regular newsletter.

For this week we will try to have one go out on Thursday (Tina will initiate and get others involved)



A meeting will be scheduled next week through a doodle (Vica)







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