26.11.12 Website Meeting Minutes

Website Development’s Docs 26.11.12 Website Meeting Minutes

How we’ve done this meeting before

Pirate pad where we collected comments:


Pirate pad with action points:


Space on website, post in that space any mods, 24h wait, if no objections, go ahead

Admin roles based on what people would like to do, e.g. post, work on back-end

Re the meeting, I’d prefer not to facilitate. Shouldn’t need one for 4 people.

Mike Gold – outside people

hard to navigate, too much content, unclear if for insiders or outsiders

news item on separate tab, top photos really powerful, what Occupy is about, achievements, how it operates, lost the will to live, focus on core messages

Vica – pirate pad. If we just put a plus beside the thing we need is more important to start from.

I think it’s the design we need starting with, it’s not attractive.

Concern. Couple of problems. Lots of discussion, thought has gone on the design.

What was said at last meeting. Basic wordpress site. Buddypress plugin. Jack – we need a completely new design. Jack now doesn’t want to be involved anymore.

EWG – Clive (website liaison), it took me some time to actually look at it properly

Mark – very fair point (is it only for insiders or outsiders too). Lots of practical suggestions, many alterations to make it more logical, accessible, more participation, outreach perspective. Work through the changes that people have suggested.

I have to go at 6 o’clock.


1a. Collaboratively on a pirate pad (About). Make it an open thing. Probably try and instill a mentality (about). Let’s not get into a wordsmithing game. Website built trying to build all of occupiers more so than taking users into account. Who’s going to activate this? Contact Em. Option for people to join. TINA TO CONTACT EM.

Mike – great reservations of doing each thing individually without an overall picture. What we’re trying to achieve with the website. What I want, would like to see, is it being used to bring people into Occupy.

We all agree on that now. That was easy.

Vica – I think it’s also a platform where people can organise. Lots of other functions but I agree that primary function is to communicate with people who want to get involved in some way.

Mark – I’ve been adding a lot of stuff to the newsfeed. Affinities with O(i)L. It probably could have more links to other struggles.

Mike – There’s plenty there but not much there about Occupy. The name Occupy has become so well known, to not utilise that is practically criminal.

Dividing the About from the Statements. The way the menu is designed.

Mark – About and then statements. It’s a bit daunting having them all together.

About page now. Have text

Let’s just get rid of the statements. We also have them down the side as well.

New design of sidebars – statements.

Add an image to the About page. I like pages to have colours and images.

MPU – middle page unit. Standard size, commercial website, banner at top, MPU on LHS. All have standard sizes.

Load film of what was happening wherever.

Livestream channel on the main page? Other times it might be a static image.

GA – Em was saying that she was happy to update the GA part.

Mark – EWG events, we might know what that means.

Vica – I don’t think today we should dedicate too much time on GA menu.

Mike – People see GA out there and they have no idea about what it is.

Vica – Needs a bit more thinking. It’s a bid of a broader discussion, not just website meeting. Just ask Em to update the GA.

Mark – Take down the stuff that’s not working. We don’t need the schedule, any GA will go down in News and Events. Proposals register, I can see people having problems with this going. Minutes make sense for them to be there.

Mike – Get rid of GA and under Events, put General Assembly in Events menu.

Mike – Can’t we just have a separate Members section?

Vica – I’m finding it very difficult to make any decisions for GA menu. GA was very central. Right now I’m very confused about GAs. We have to think of what we can have now without annoying people who’d still like GAs to go on. Finding the right solution. I think we should keep it in the menu. I’d like to have GA written as a word, taking away another menu?

General Assembly as a word

Are we intending to have a physical meeting in the near future to treat this meeting as sounding out different ideas, have a face-to-face meeting to discuss broader issues, website and strategy.

Mike – I put in an e-mail yesterday. Friday December 7th meeting. Doing a presentation on suggestions for a way-forward/strategy, call it what you like. Intention was, if we can agree, we’ll come to a GA to get agreement with the GA. There’s quite a lot of possibilities. One of the things we are talking about is website, social media.

Groups. Not a bad part of the website.

Vica – I’m happy to do this. Contact groups. Take off the ones that are not there.

Working group meetings.

Mark – Nice to have a menu that said Get Involved. Button with working groups, option to create your own working group etc.

Mike – I think the idea of having a button for getting involved, a nice big one, is very good.

Mark – Welcome team. I haven’t proposed this yet. Some place, reasonably prominent, if nothing quite fits you, you can go to Welcome Team, get personal with people.

Peoples’ postal codes. Poster codes. Point is, new peoples’ postal codes, we can see where we’ve got supporters and arrange events in those areas.

Get involved: GAs, groups and people. People click on Get Involved and it takes you to this Event or whatever.

Drop-down menu (from Donate).




PEOPLE: forum (non-existent), problem with the plug-in, get in contact with Tom see if we can reactivate it.


Based on what you choose. News and blog and GA minutes. Position it in different points of the homepage. Was thinking of using categories more for website structure and tags as topics. We could have, in the menu, a menu that just says blogs.

How many users? Around 300 users, but not many contributors. Lots of people writing stuff.

Login issues have been resolved, at least from what I know.

Mark – I think the blogspace is not very logical in the way it’s laid out. When I write a blog, as I write it, I don’t know where it’ll appear and who will read it. Button seems to take you to all blogs. I don’t think it’s clear what the blogs are for. Is it a forum where anyone can blog and if so, how does it work?

Bottom on any topic.

Sometimes things fit very easily in one of the categories and some don’t. I wonder if we shouldn’t have a continuous stream, no distinction.

We can have themed pages. Guest blogs. Occupiers’ perspectives. I can see Michael’s point about how news is not related to Occupy. I asked my mum what you’d look in a website. I’d look at some thing that said, what’s happening right now.

Vica – Maybe for now we just leave it like that. We can think a bit more about it, think of different options for how we could do this.

Mark – Front page, news. Bits of video, livestream. Beneath that, news, beneath that blogs.

In the section itself, news.

Vica – I don’t want to delay everything. I do think it needs a very broad discussion what to have on the front page. News is important, the most recent things up.

Mike – Trying to think of concrete ideas. A problem, a person goes to the Occupy London webpage.


Starting draft, third column.

Vica – I’m happy to play with layouts a bit when we have time. Have a meeting next week.


Spam has not been due to backend of website. We need some sort of disclaimer when they log in, create a profile. I wouldn’t know who to ask. VICA TO ASK SARA ABOUT DISCLAIMER.


Mark – Welcome team of friendly people. Kind of a wonky thing. Some volunteers that are willing to receive an e-mail or give their phone numbers. It’s just my instinct.

Vica – I had asked Liz and Tina-Louise, e-mail address. We can start it off and see how it goes. It might be a lot of work.

Mark – If there’s a lot of work, that’s a good thing.

Vica – Shall we start it off.

Mark – We should have a pool of people doing it.

Vica – If you have one person checking it, then they get answered. If you have a group of people, everyone expects someone else to do it.

WelcomeTent, make a little triangle shape, takes you to some place where you can write something.

Add a submit article button. I’ve asked both Em and Liz, they’ve said they’re happy to be moderators, spell-check, make sure it’s not controversial.


Really good if it went out on a weekly basis. Say we send out the newsletter on a Monday, have a deadline two days before. Know they have to have written a blogpost.

Mark – I’d like a more focused discussion about making a cool newsletter.

Vica – Should we try it out and say, we’ll be sending out a newsletter on this date, who wants to be involved on design (organising a meeting for that) and at the same time give a deadline for when people have to submit this.

Mark – I suspect whoever authors the newsletter is the author.

Vica – If you do it every week, you get information about what’s going to happen the week after. We’re not able to plan one month ahead. Every two weeks?

Tina – Sounds good.

Mark – Why don’t we do something, like before the newsletter is about to go out, say on the 10th, on the 5th, people collect everything as a group and then it’s done.

Vica – I think the newsletter itself needs a separate group of people, separate meeting to the website. If it’s the 3 of us who are prepared to work on it.

Tina – There’s 4 or 5 events happening.

Vica – Generally I don’t think Saturday or Sunday are good times to send it out. Maybe it’s something that we can do online. I honestly don’t have much time to dedicate to it. Maybe Em would be happy to help with that. There are two levels, one simply creating the newsletter and sending this off, the other is getting people to get the information.

Tina – Work with Ronan on newsletter? Also Mark

Vica – Liz might also be able to help with that.

Maintenance tasks. Pending events. Tech issues.

9th December – Our communities, our rights and other animals

In the first of a series of discussions, Peoples Republic of Southwark invite you to join us in an attempt to assess where we, Southwark residents, communities and workers are at both in the local and wider context.

Caught in the perpetual, vicious circle of ‘reacting’ and ‘fighting against’ local government’s inanities, national government malice and global destruction of everyone and everything, including the planet, it is difficult to step back, reflect and work on alternatives.

First of the discussions, on Sunday 9

the December, 2-5pm, will look at some of the recent alternative proposals,

Community Bill of Rights,

Agreement of the People  and Democracy 2015.

We hope to have people from each of the three projects introduce the ideas.

We are in the process of booking a free venue in Camberwell, so it would be good if you would RSVP by Friday 30th November

(info@peoplesrepublicofsouthwark.co.uk )

whether you would be able to attend, to give us an idea of numbers/most suitable venue. We will confirm the venue as soon as possible after 30th November.

We hope to continue the discussion in the next year, with film screenings etc. If there is a specific topic you think should be discussed, please let us know so we can include it in our programme.

Best wishes

Liliana Dmitrovic

Peoples Republic of Southwark

Sent from phone

Default way is comments off. If someone would like to have comments on their blogpost, they can activate it. At back-end, click on posts, go to your post and do quick edit, allow comments on RHS. The idea is that whoever creates a blogpost, it’s their responsibility to moderate.

A lot of things are put on GS, not on website.

Can you submit to website, add personal e-mails. Em is really keeping the events calendar updated. That’s part of the training, people getting used to doing things by themselves.

Sometimes it’s just a technical. Can’t we mirror, have them feed in directly.

Vica – We could have an image that links to someone else’s blogs.

We have to try to make things as efficient as possible, that people don’t have to do too many clicks.

bantering about other things, outreach

We could in some way, it could be part of newsletters, make our own publication. Put it into some sort of form. Something that OL releases.

Just as you’ve got ONN, Occupy Radio, invite people to write blogs and articles. It would go up on the website.

Vica – How’s that different from what is there now?

Mark – Something with a bit of character.

Tina – Give it a theme.

Mark – What is reading a newspaper about? Things people are interested in reading about. Have something that OL renews on the website, a collection of what people have been writing.

Vica – I would see it as a newsletter. There are things that could go onto the website. Newsletter is really powerful.

Mark – We’ve got ONN, a bit of a problem with everyone reinventing the wheel. ONN are doing all right, they’re getting slowly but surely more and more people doing submissions. More space on the website to look at their articles.

Tina – Can’t we have the default as ON?

Vica – You have to understand that this website was created when we had trolls.

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