24.09.13 Summary of International WG meeting

International ’s Docs 24.09.13 Summary of International WG meeting

24.09.13 7pm, Friend’s house

Vica, Anastasia, Steve, Shrep, Leon, Mark, Obi, Dave, Inka, Omar.

Go round of introductions and reasons why people want to participate.

Summary of the development of the International WG over time

There was an international WG during the camp which focused on making sure that information was flowing from the camp to the international networks and vice-versa, helping in the coordination of the international days of action, and organizing solidarity events in London. It stopped meeting after the camp was cleared, also due to the fact that many people left London to move to other countries.

Since then Vica has maintained the mailing list, the international email account and the role of bridging between the international networks and the local networks.

We currently have an open list https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/occupylondoninternational
with 130 subscribers, mainly foreigners living in London, or who were living here when the camp was there, but have now moved away.

Some of us in the past year have participated in international convergences such as:

March 2012 Hub meeting Milan: http://bcnhubmeeting.wordpress.com/
(Mark, Spyro, Tina, Vica)

November 2012 Agora99 Madrid http://99agora.net/99agora-overflow-europe
(Daniel, Fanny, Jamie, John, Kawai, Laura, Leon, Mark, Rihannon, Steve, Vica)

November 2012 Firenze 10+10 Florence http://www.firenze1010.eu/
(John, Mark, Vica, Virginia, Tim)

March 2013 World Social Forum Tunisia http://www.fsm2013.org/en
( Janie, Kate, Mark, Natalia, Vica)

Some of us also were involved in organising an international skillshare in London during the StopG8 week if action: http://globalskillsxchange.net/


Upcoming convergences:

  • 4/5 October, Amsterdam, European strategy meeting: http://www.tni.org/events/economic-governance-troika-and-struggles-against-european-neoliberalism
  • 1-3 November, Rome,  Agora99 http://99agora.net/

Upcoming International days of action:

  • 07 October  Idle no more  http://www.idlenomore.ca/oct7proclaim
  • 12 October:  March against Monsanto http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/

General discussion on the goals of the WG

  • connect with other international groups in London, and facilitate connections between them
  • connect with other groups internationally around specific topics (Debt, Land, Income inequality, international trade agreements, international policies, grass-roots organising, etc)
  • facilitate the connection between groups in London and similar groups in other countries
  • share resources and skills with other international groups in London
  • do solidarity actions with/for activist groups in other countries
  • find some common policies or statements to work on collectively with other groups internationally
  • organise days of actions like the Carnival of Dirt, which bring together immigrant communities in London against the centers of power in the city damaging their own people and countries
  • try to have continuity in what we do and not focus just on days of action

Next meeting: 7pm, Monday 30th September, Friends house


30 min: go round of introductions and topics we want to cover.
60 min: divide into groups on the different topics, in a workshop format: the idea is that we meet to work and not only to talk, so we actually get things done during the meeting. (If you can bring your computer, or paper & pen to write)
30 min feed-back

Topics we would like to cover in the next meeting:

  • prepare for the next international convergences (Amsterdam 4-6 October, and Agora99 Nov 1)
  • prepare for the next international days of action (Idle no more, March against Monsanto)
  • discuss topics for international statement (Debt, Land, Inequality, etc)
  • work on improving connections and supporting other groups
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