24.06.13 Online Platforms meeting

Internal Communication’s Docs 24.06.13 Online Platforms meeting

 Location: Friend’s house

Participants: Kathrine S., Michael G., Mark W., Obi, Vica


  •  website: design, content and audience
  • Admins, followers and integration between all the platforms
  • links to external blogs




Audience of website:

  • people who want to find out about what Occupy is
  • people who want to find out how to get involved in Occupy or other protests
  • people who would like to read comments on current affairs from the point of view of Occupy

Current statistics of website:

  • 300-500 visit/day
  • on 12th of June 2500 visits

Links most clicked on when people visit the site:

  •  28% Events
  • 10% About
  • 5%   Best articles
  • 1.5% Livestream
  • 1% Photos

Things to improve:

  • Layout of homepage
  • Content of About page and take part
  • More interesting and up to date content on home page (press team)
  • Up to date information when ever there is an action (press team)
  • Layout and categories so when reading one article one is stimulated to surf to another page

Next meeting we will go more in detail about what can be improved


Admins, followers and integration between all the platforms

Full list of all the admins was presented. We were not comfortable with putting it online for security reasons, but anyone who comes to the meetings can be provided with the list and it will also be taken to the press meeting.

There was criticism to the way both the current FB pages are being managed, but the discussion was left open for the next meeting.

Up to date followers on date of meeting:

  •  Facebook OLSX: 45,381
  • Twitter: 42,985
  • Newsletter: 4643


Links to personal blogs

As no one actually clicks on them, there was consensus that the links should be taken off the website, rather then dedicating a lot of time to deciding rules about it.

Those individuals whose blogs we were linking to, are encouraged to cross-post any articles they think are related to Occupy in the Occupy website. This will also help in providing more up to date information on the website.


Agenda for next meeting


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