2013/03/15 Minutes Economics Working Group

2013/03/15 Minutes Economics Working Group

What is the EWG for?

Monetary reform and community currencies – John Rodgers (from Germany) – academic post Cumbria Economics and Sustainability. Regional currencies but is it scalable? Map project needs support. Feeding in ideas to political parties. Important task. How economics is affecting society money and wealth created and how they should be reformed. Focus on different economic subjects – but the output needs to appear somewhere. Need method and organisation. – back office to generate ideas to bring people on board. Produce to bring people in. Service of an overall set of goals for occupy. Four: specific campaign stats; model and critique of the system; program for solutions or reforms; leading or reacting to others following. Reforms for the next general election or for changing the world – spectrum of opinion/ideas; or just providing education for others. Map is useful if it simplifies things. Small number of people control the world. New economic system. Landscape healing; integrate ecological issues – practice and promote a sharing economic system. Communicate with people via children. Imagine being a small creature – visiting RBS, cabinet, we have to contest every institution as part of a global movement; OWS is more radical. Need to find bigger levers; improve quality of output.

Key ideas compatible with each other. Complexity.

Operating in the context of what’s happening today supporting with information and analysis. Deep analysis of the current system and build an alternative model.

Think tank? Critiquing other ideas? Help the rest of activist movement understand the difference between symptoms and structural problems. Providing analytical thought for the movement. Initial occupy objective – fighting financialisation. Focus on financialisation. Understanding how it functions? Avoid being distracted by other issues. Different understanding of the issues – need reconciling; disparity./divergence of opinion; Structural problems – nothing will change until there is breakdown. Spend time practising mutual emotional support – death of activist friends from burnout – life. Struggling against austerity. No money? Preachy v practical. Be a real influence – community currencies. Fight against financial power – scenarios of practise against austerity. Need to shape something new. America, France and Germany seem to be operating at a higher level – relate to the media people – eg. OT. IT and promotional capability needs to be expanded – shortage of people to get involved in doing work. Intellectual capacity – squaring of the circle. London status as an intellectual centre? Philosophy. Single idea. Need someone to work with Mary to put material on the website.


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