2012/12/03 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/12/03 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. Minutes – 26th November 2012 – approved

2. Topics for theme discussion: 7th December – strategy; 14th December – degradation of labour; 21st corpus, corporation and the company;
3. Bank money creation; interest on money; citizens income – usury – 4th January 2013 theme; John to produce paper;
4. Autumn statement: – team to respond – basis of response – income equality? Austerity? Dave, Clive, Schrapp, Steve, Tom M;
5. Bank of England – Mark Carney – appointment – do nothing;
6. Haldane on world at One Radio 4 this week talking about occupy – Schrapp will put a box together for the BoE to present to Haldane – he would be predisposed to be sympathetic; need to know what we’re going to put into it. Would need to go to GA; equivalent of a “camp” space in every bank headquarters; GA Wednesday 5th December at Royal Festival Hall, Clore Ball Room 7pm. 6pm process team;
7. Co-option and misinformation – lobster; occupy is threatened by the bully left, authoritarian reactionaries, reactionary experientials (liberal progressives); surveillance society; penetration/purity of thought; co-option by outsiders – Occupy Manual – edited by Janet Burnham? Haldane at the Putney Debates was possibly co-option in some people’s eyes; interest free money movement co-opted in the 1990s; theory and practice of co-option; maintain integrity;
8. Post-Autistic economics; mathematising economics; kickitover.org; increasingly difficult to get a phd in economics – complexity of economics; ideology; hundreds of papers being published; destruction of higher education; econometrics rather than economics – Molly Scott Catto release of her new book; economics and ecology; Journal of Econology; resources on sympathetic economists; Journal of bio-economics; Black Swan – Nick Taleb; compound interest; interact with economics students;
9. Global justice – research why so few people involved; Conference at Queen May College last Saturday – Graeber etc; don’t know what to do – need to do what occupy does; Luddites; energy co-op reducing energy prices; co-op bank reduce mortgage payments; reschedule the national debt interest free;

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