2012/11/30 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/11/30 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. EEEWG – planetary boundaries – we’re exceeding three of them: CO2 levels, bio-diversity loss, ocean acidification – over fishing; water, fracking, food supply agrochemical industry (oil based fertilisers); peak oil, coal and gas; global energy system; catastrophic climate change; pollution, quality of life; nuclear waste; infinite growth in a finite world; corporate profit overrides environmental considerations; equal moral worth of every human and future generations; the sanctity of all life on earth. Universal rights of mother earth. Ecocide (ex-foliation in the Vietnam War); natural step program (Sweden) for business; Community Bill of Rights and Transition Towns – localism; Growth proportional to amount of carbon; decarbonise; pricing mechanism of nature has failed; common ownership; Green energy; bio-fuels and nuclear energy; fossil fuel subsidised; mass transport system. Air travel?

2. CAGW; common stewardship of land and resources; monitoring environment at the local level; sustainable capitalism is an oxymoron; cooperative careship; theft rent interest unequal pay; liveable citizens income; de-growth; Bangladesh – calling on authorities is pointless; moratorium on rents; grow your own food; gift economy; MAP issues in perspective (unwelcomeguests.net). Be the exemplar – sharing and caring; new protected spaces – planting trees; restoring houses; local interest free banks; management of environment is question of power; deforestation; poverty is a cause of environmental degradation; steps to combat AGW; not convinced zero growth; learning to live with less;
3. In the environmental context of the EWG meeting of 30th Nov., an erstwhile active member, and continuing absolute supporter, mentioned that he was in process of exploration of a charitable land related development in Devon in the context of environmental and other issues that would be likely to be in sympathy with the all embracing social mantle of responsibility that Occupy had inadvertently assumed; Spirit Level diagram – chemistry wealth production – interest free credit union; need to think in a holistic way – human society; thinking prefaced by the environment; David Bollier in law; tying human rights into the environment; cure is worse than the disease; GMOs – marketplace; change of morality; talk with youth; inequality is product of no growth; economy is tied into resources depletion; economy needs to be in tune with nature; oneness – love; cooperation not competition; crisis is not good for the environment; no problem will be solved by the thinking that created it; need mutuality not extreme self-interest; neo-liberalism is attacking the people we need to help solve the environment issues; need to address neo-liberalism; make everybody poor is not necessarily the answer; planetary feedback; statistics dodgy UHI; logarithmic scale of CO2; chemistry; people don’t know how to grow and cook food; the poorer they are the worse the choices; natural capital committee; commodifying the ecosystem – financialisation; MAP – commoning movement; gift economy party; can you live without money? ¾ people in Bangladesh grow their own food; robin@upton.net
4. Runnymede meeting round and round on issues; rainbow meeting; topic led; debate on climate change; educational and eco project in Devon; climate change risk; Iceland constitution cause for hope; fighting for better environment in Brazil and Africa without results; capitalism – is the problem? Slow down, care and share; spaces to leave the planet in peace. Unjust distribution of resources; many forms of capitalism – scares people;
5. Traumatised Society – Fred Harrison; the Wealth of the Commons – David Bollier; climate change; outcome from meeting; economics and ecology synonymous; EEEWG and EWG working in silos; good to work together; different ideologies; blaming capitalism is not laziness;

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