2012/11/26 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/11/26 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. LBoI – 600 copies left c.£40 collected so far. Possibility of funds from Occupy? Finance – £1,000 left in the legal fund and £1,000 in the general fund.

2. Response to Andy Haldane – Nelio has prepared a paper to be circulated – Haldane is one of three main players at the Bank of England.
3. Friday theme – Julie Timbrell EEE Economy and Environment? Clive to email Dave, if not Nelio; 7th Dec – Mike’s strategy paper. Clive to email Rob Blakemore’s address to Peter;
4. Margrit Kennedy’s book; Clive to circulate Interest and Inflation Free Money; Linda Kaucher – Clive to get her email address; Interest on money is now mainstream and no longer carries anti-semitic connotations; International trade has racist connotations and we need to publicise the issues and move it away from immigration issues. Mind mapping to combine Clive, Janos and John’s diagrams on money etc.
5. EWG strategy- system is broken and we need a dialogue a paper on the fundamentals; we need to await Mike’s strategy paper for Occupy; Mapping from reforming the present to radical transformation – paradigm development to different paradigm; – need a mainstream channel for dialogue;mirror journalist challenging the status quo james.lyons@mirror.co.uk; occupy is an alliance – completely open; Marxists have removed themselves but may return; spectrum of reform is oscillating; capable of supporting an alliance of diverse views; reconciling Marxists v Anarchists; Alliance capability; international dimension; we should be holding authorities to their fiduciary duties; MPs fire-fighting; how we do campaigning; with the physical presence it was a lot easier to push the message forward; how do we take this forward; more debates? direct actions? Work with UK Uncut; Friern Barnet Library; local activities; last GA not very inclined to act; structure diminished but people are working individually; process as important as outcomes; physical space for propositions; Saturday Occupy faith pilgrimage with blessing at St Paul’s – use Quaker process silent intermissions; citizens income at Bromley Quaker meeting house; space to be listened to and to think out loud; talking stick method; educational outreach – start our own or piggy back on others activities; EWG all around the UK; LETS group tour – regional meetings – practical steps; U3A self organised; Friday 7th income equality group stall on Bromley Market – public liability insurance (as a market trader includes PLI); numerous contacts historic need to be collated and advertise the fact that EWG wants to do outreach – Mary to be in touch with Vica and Mike (Clive to put them in touch); Radical Philosophy Issue 176 – Anonymous article; last meeting BBC Brazilian journalist – struggled with the diverse opinions;
6. Lisa wanted an insight into Occupy; distrusted the media portrayal; what’s the Occupy alternative to the current system? Are there definite steps to make this achievable? Getting heard; are we always fighting media? Literature, Film and Theatre dept at Essex Uni; Responses: process rich v policy rich proposals; most people addicted to their own solutions; best we can do is improved the current system v those maniacs who know it is unsustainable; people have been talking about these issues since 1964; LETS experimenting within the system – small and fragmented; mitigation (eg. Interest rate caps etc.) – alternatives alongside existing; heavy stuff; is your project on the map; people too distracted to think deeply about serious issues; moving collaborative way; reformist tack because it is possible; radical change requires overturning the government; little at a time – art of the possible; confident of change but how long? Sooner or later things will change; everybody is angry – occupy is making things happen – there are opportunities but the capitalist system is so opaque difficult to see the problems; amazing echo – 1969 French government with their Arab experience broke German/French friendship treaty – put case to students; posters attacked; rebook bigger space; film “after Essex” NSU funded (Peter Shaw); Nick Broomfield became film maker – demand financial backing; Eisenberg’s Uncerrtainty principle; System’s broken; Media misinformation; narrow banking interests control the economy, media, politics and public insitutions; watch the film Thrive – caterpillar to butterfly analogy; Chris Hart Occupy Economics Lancaster debated the University and won.
Interest and Inflation Free Money – Margrit Kennedy:

Thrive (2 hours):
http://www.thrivemovement.com/the_movie (you don’t have to register, ignore the request for an email address.

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