2012/11/17 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/11/17 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. Accuracy of the 10th and 14th December minutes – approved

2. a) GIRO bank public meeting planned for the new year; venue and keynote speaker required; setting the agenda; Margrit Kennedy, Eddie George, Sparkasse person; St Pauls? Clive to try Eddie George; Friends Meeting House – contention over the Putney debates whether we’re being charged or not; Radio4 money matters: Co-op bank deal with LloydsTSB sounds as though it may be in trouble. b) Roadmap – DD will meet up with Mary and Tim to try to get it up on a website (the map) – pooling of ideas. c) Little Book of Ideas – no plans yet d) website: do our own website? Linked to Occupy London; preferable to have under our control; need to be professionally built; working group to develop an EWG website; Lancaster has website designers in the economics working group; copy someone else’s site with permission; other platforms than wordpress such as ning; Gillian Wise – Parisienne artist; cms systems: elgg, drupal, joomla – front end templates – content; linking with other EWGs in the regions desirable; sub-group meeting to discuss website 4pm Friday. e) social housing policy – Chris’s paper – Steve will talk on housing in the light of it; f) LA FoI requests g) commoning – Occupy, IOPS and anti-capitalist meeting planned; h) Stats – making progress;
3. Shout out: focus session with Rob Blakemore and others on LVT at Monday 14th and 21st January meetings – the following two Friday meetings will be business meetings; preceded by Fred Harrison presentation on 4th January 2013; Radio4 program on South Sea Bubble – Melvyn Bragg; Lewisham Hospital protest involving Occupy? 10th and 24th January meetings (john_g@mypostoffice.co.uk 0782 488 2232)
4. Next business meeting 7th January; paper on work (John/Steve?);
5. Need a review of strategy going forward possibly at Friern Barnet Library (in court today); keeping the library following the court case is a possibility; need a broad discussion over a couple of afternoons; strategy, tactics, theory and vision; need common principles; EWG needs a vision; cherry picking themes is all well and good but could do with a week twice a year to work on strategy – rolling program over a week like the Putney debates; two days would be sufficient over consecutive weekends; Sunday 11-5pm in the evening – evaluation of what’s been achieved and vision for the future; discussed proposal to do something towards the end of February.
Friday 21st December 2012
Steve – on housing
Friday 4th January 2013
Fred Harrison – talking about privatisation of land rents and the consequences
Monday 7th January 2013
EWG business meeting
Friday 11th January 2013
Themed discussion – TBA
Monday 14th January 2013
LVT with Rob Blakemore and others
Friday 18th January 2013
EWG business meeting
Monday 21st January 2013
LVT with Rob Blakemore and others
Friday 25th January 2013
EWG business meeting
Monday 28th January 2013
EWG business meeting

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