2012/11/12 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/11/12 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. Putney debates:

1.1 Saturday economics session Inequality, Tax havens, citizens income and capitalism; good interaction in spite of low attendance due to lack of publicity; in future posters etc. need to be ready well in advance.
1.2 Socially Responsible Banking (500-700 people) – good turnout; possibly due to offline publicity and Andy Haldane pulling power. Open question as to whether the existing banking reforms are sufficient; calibre of questions gave him a lot of food thought; Haldane said incentive structure was to blame; didn’t respond adequately to the questions; builds on Mervyn King’s previous speech saying banks under-capitalised; did draw good publicity for Occupy and email contact details for the attendees.
1.3 Housing debate; Whitty report was balanced and well received; wide agreement over need for public housing and separating location value from private gain; squatting rights; importance of design. Noted that employment opportunities or loss of them can distort the housing market and leave properties unused.
1.4 Richard Murphy; tax fraud based on his latest book, Courageous State; personal story – used to struggle to be heard and now he’s in demand; shame it was a relatively small audience
1.5 New Economy – Nelio questioned the importance of money in the capitalist system – doesn’t see it as the main problem – referred to painting over cracks in the wall. Feedback said event enjoyable; some got it conceptually but it needs more work;
2. Commoning event on Sunday and the Capitalism is Crisis meeting were both well received;
3. Prof. Geoffrey Golden – PRIME dispute resolution between counter-parties; agreed a more robust financial criminal court is needed.
4. Potential topic for Friday’s themed discussion, Dave to pursue: Linda WTO, trade agreements and their impact on wages and employment conditions globally; Julie – environment and economics (low growth); future Nelio – degradation of labour; Tommas Graves – LVT (Clive to talk to him).
5. Mike is working on a strategy outline for Occupy to make maximum use of the names collected over the Putney debates; Friday 7th December presentation or discussion planned with projector screen and internet connection; wider participation to plan for occupy’s future; Friern Barnet Library – GA? Letter of thanks due to Quakers could be amenable? Dave will liaise with others re: Friends Meeting House and pass contact details on to Mike.
6. GIRO bank – no progress to date;
7. Roadmap – in progress
8. LBOI –
9. Website development – Vica and Mike to liaise
10. Localism Act – ongoing;
11. Schrapp: box to go banks walls with Occupy information therein – written proposal to be submitted;
12. Next meeting Friday 16th November 2012 at Friends Meeting House, Euston 5-7pm; theme to be agreed

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