2012/11/02 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/11/02 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. Saturday and Monday events – establish a summary at the end of the debates. Opportunities to make comments online blogs etc. NB. Oasis is a good venue.
2. Saturday – generally was well received by both audience and speakers. Haldane meeting was too formal etc. Power hierarchy seating. Last night’s debate with George Monbiot was similar. Reason to be satisfied that we achieved something. Haldane meeting was significant in furthering the Occupy agenda. How far we have fallen down; occupy transformative; TUC alongside BoE representatives unprecedented; Schrapp proposal to Haldane insist on Occupy A0 noticeboard under glass to for occupy to post notices; Piratepad set up to develop a list of banking principles to go in the box. Need a review of the talk before writing to Haldane; discussion of how to respond continued until the minute take left at 6:20pm

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