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2012/10/26 Minutes Economics Working Group
Program for Saturday 27th October at the Oasis (Putney Debate) • 1:00pm intro – Dave - Inequality • 1:20pm – 2:40pm Richard Wilkinson – social epidemia; Spirit Level • 2:50 - 3:30pm John Christiansen – Tax Justice Network; • 3:55 – 4:40pm John Courtneidge – Income equality – Cooperatives • 4:40pm - 5:15pm Road Map; LBOI; 1. Oasis charging £800 for the event; (need Buckets for Monday); Dave email - bring your own teas; sound organised by Oasis plus livestream video; stewards to be organised on the day. No flip chart available but projector is available; Clive, Putney debate leaflets; two people involved in the counting the money John and Peter? Nudge email reminder of the event; twitter list – Mike; 2. Friday 2nd November 2012 – progress evaluation and planning for Richard Murphy on 8th and Clive and Janos on 9th; 3. Thursday's GA asked for £1700 but eventually ended up agreeing £200 for printing; 4. Round up of commoning. Today's event attempting to create an alliance of activists; identify a neutral platform where people don't think they're it. The network project at LSE didn't live up to expectations; unrealistic expectations for perfection; Common = co (together) mon (munificence); coalition or alliance? Tried before but co-opted because of funding; Le Monde Diplomatique; cellular structure with linking/ liaison ring (Frank Taylor proposition); instigation shared initiative; good enough to go viral; mid-wifing group to birth the network framework. Ottawa – livingwage.ca ; acorn model; pay for an organiser who's role is to facilitate others to do stuff; London Citizens – been captured; focus on language; need to be dispassionate. Don't underestimate the power or reach of technology. Trying to find a better organisation? Subversion of organisations by disruptive forces – need a resilient, uncorruptible framework or system; yin and yang; organisational structures – just get on with it? Going nowhere because there is no immediate follow up to discuss issues fully; reality is the fallback situation – we all have to eat; pay to shoot the rabbit;trying to change the world tied to a chair; we have the technology and ideas; humility - being grounded; organise and structure; 5. No meeting on Monday 29th October. Next meeting Friday 2nd November at Friends Meeting House.  

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