2012/10/22 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/10/22 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. EWG meeting 15th October 2012 – minutes approved. Friday’s meeting notes by Schrapp to follow.
2. GIRO: good meeting with Vince Cable although he was pretty tired; good presentation by Mike and VC nodded in agreement throughout; raised BoI contract – leeway or cancellation; need sight of the contract – he will explore with his department; copy of presentation sent to VC yesterday; it was good for Occupy credibility and means we can take other ideas to him; PO mutualisation is under consideration by the government (pension deficit is an issue for privatisation).
3. The future of Occupy – speculation – media – Tammy and Co. has been the only story of merit recently. Occupy – lack of political culture or ability; organisationally moribund; non- conformist churches organised the unions and movement against poverty etc. Occupy not geographically based – lack of interaction, social occasions not supportive of cohesion; Putney Debates and Socially Useful Banking Group; 1st October agreed EWG speaker would be on the platform; need email addresses of all attendees – who is responsible? Peter will organise the collection of email addresses; clash of Monday’s 29th November EWG and – Socially Useful Banking; Occupy website has no reference to Putney Debates or Socially Useful Banking; Putney Debates meeting in August agreed to email venues to Chris and events to Mike; agreed to use social media to publicise but Mike was told that it would be sent out through the usual channels; access to twitter and website; Mike emailed Vica to get the links; Mike hopes to have access to facebook, twitter and occupy while he’s in Ireland (November); Mike will table a strategy paper for Occupy EWG to be discussed in December; need people to organise a program of “political education”. Surfeit of emails on groupspaces obscures useful emails; Socially Useful Banking – no hierarchy makes organising difficult; Rich organised the event off his own bat; it was offered to the EWG for support which approved it; people speak giving their personal views as a member of occupy rather than representing occupy. Putney Debates website – Julie will work with Vica to get more prominence on the Occupy site; Occupy has an inadequate structure; need more accountability; more democratic structure; EEE need to attend EWG to discuss areas of mutual interest. Two views of occupy but situation is more complex. Truth is something in the middle; other groups are creating associations not necessarily visible in cyberspace. 29th event is important because of links to BoE. Occupy is not like other organisations. A small number of people are organising the Putney Debates; points have been raised since the inception of the group but getting agreement takes time; organise a secretariat? Need to attract people; education is very important; degradation of labour; diverse views difficult to marshall opinion; need to accommodate different views in some structure; identify common ground; divide the group? Reservations about a prescriptive list of economic remedies; share view of inequality; banking , taxation, need to move together ourselves; strategy not policy; Mike strategy paper due in December.
4. Economics session in the Putney debates – 5 EWG events; need stewards and collection; additional stewards: Schrapp, Janos, Ellena, Ines; Nelio; Dave will facilitate on 9th Nov;
5. 24th October 2012 Establishing an economic system that protects the commons 9am – 4:30pm October at School of Economics; http://freecriticalthinking.org/happenings/251-establishing-an-economic-system-that- protects-the-commons
6. 4th November – Open Space Technology day (Annette) throughout the day; no speakers as such but ad hoc discussions (radical organisation mode); Toynbee Hall, Bethnal Green;
7. Monday 5th November 6:30pm LSE Talk Richard Sander – pioneered interest rate derivative; carbon trading mechanism; the good derivative; Series of lectures London Institute of Psychoanalysts “Engagement with Climate Change”
8. GA on Thursday 7pm to approve funding for Putney Debates to pre-pay venues; pre- meeting about Socially Useful Banking event 5pm.
9. Next meeting Friday 5-7pm at Friends meeting house – to plan Saturday and general economic discussion; Note EWG meeting on Monday 29th is cancelled – group members are attending/stewarding the Socially Useful Banking meeting instead


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