2012/10/12 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/10/12 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. Education: Educure – to lead out; Competition-seeds of our destruction. Link fortunes of others with our own. Success of everyone benefits all of us. Competition for resources and material goods – sign of success. Winners and losers. Education needs to be holistic.
2. Absolutism. Competition is part of the norm; corporation;chasm to be breached – incremental graduated process; different approach to life. Valuing everyone – ideal society; classes – education; class system needs to be abolished. How to get from here to there; primary school – non-competitive – progression to something better; need for competition;identify where competition has some value; fundamentally designed with both cooperative and competitive attributes. Gender bias male competitive behaviour. Gold stars for effort; diversity of arenas; big fish in medium sized pond;
3. Capitalism 2 classes – owners and workers; Medici Banks – feudalism v capitalism; maximisation of profit; every year; market valuation; profit for the benefit of; not shared equally; Profit based model as been around from man’s early existence; shares not exchangeable for employments for rights; debt formation is extracted; robust growth is actually fragile leading to collapse;
4. Collective behaviour; morality is incentives – rewards; do not charge for what you do – communism; people change behaviour when they’ve been touched; Hitler – Holocaust – establishment of the State of Israel – big problem; good thing in providing a home for the persecuted; no intrinsic right to a piece of land; Silesia ethnically cleansed; morality imitation;
5. education for the under fives; societal problems; society – education; studying children and animals to be less constrained;
6. Paul Mason – Monday Radio4 analysis – alternatives;
7. Next meeting 5-7pm Monday 16th October 2012 at Friends Meeting House


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