2012/10/08 Minutes Economics Working Group

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2012/10/08 Minutes Economics Working Group
1. EWG Meeting 5th October 2012 – minutes 2. Saturday Global noise – Saturday 13th October 2012 – meeting at St Paul's 2-5pm; bring food to share; entertainment; talks, pot banging; 1:30pm meditation; David Graeber, and others will be in attendance; get everyone down; activists from Spain, Portugal, Greece may be doing stuff; fluid day; need copies of the LBOI. Invited to evensong 3:15pm at St Pauls to celebrate Occupy anniversary. Include Putney debates info for the global noise press release. Cuts Cafe – Thursday 4:30pm info on EWG - Peter 3. Power firms have threatened to pull investment out of Britain over lack of commitment to environmental targets. Gas being looked at to meet environmental targets 4. a) GIRO – no chance of getting the BoI contract; need to decide best approach; use the NZ Kiwibank as exemplar; Bank managers – Capt Mainwaring v Bob Diamond;advisers swamping government at the expense of the civil service; Tories abolishing School of Goverment. b) Putney Debates – need to publicise; c) Social Housing Policy – check vote of thanks to Chris with Dave. d) LBOI – need feedback from recipients e) IFCT f) website g) LA FoI; h) LVT I) Road map j) Economic Stats k) article on stats in OT; l) Commoning 5. Degradation of labour in the financial sector – academic world doesn't want to go there – weakness in capitalism; create a paper based on the City and then circulate; Try to draw people in; task review of salaries etc. People write around the subject but don't explore in depth; new banner for Occupy; Nelio not on the EWG list! 6. Leeds – Louis (Trade unions in 70s and 80s) – Wakefield just established (small group) liaison with Occupy Leeds; numbers active unknown but those that are are very activity; anniversary event for Occupy Leeds in November; functions OK; terrifying apathy; Wakefield – Thatcher's corpse. Operating in a graveyard; good people; competition. 7. Gove – shares for workers trade for rights; EOPS in US – employee share scheme; representation on boards; no trade union representation; are unions effective for workers? Unions is all they've got – not going to get any better; unions co-opted by the establishment; EADS/BAe merger; 20 questions from Sean; 8. Meeting Friday Education;– Monday 19th October – Degradation of Labour; both meetings at Friends Meeting House  

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