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2012/10/05 Minutes Economics Working Group
Steve, Dave, Ellena, John, Bashkim, Mary, Janos, Andy, Clive, Tim, Schrapp; 1. International cooperative alliance – 1995 doc. Equality, equity and sustainable development; policies approved by their members? Not for profit; The Hidden Alternative – Manchester publication editor: Anthony Webster - growth of cooperatives in Italy (white coops exist within a capitalist environment; red coops exemplars of alternatives to current system; Mary alternatives – LETS scheme; alternative monetary and banking system; red cooperator not white; 2. What would a not for profit cooperative economy look like? Seven point plan: a) cooperatives and peace – not corporations and coercion b) not-for-profit banking and financial structures as coops – pre-distribution not redistribution c) step-wise abolition of money as access to needs – global co-stewardship for needs and care, not private resources for profit d) fair, guaranteed incomes – near equal/equal income for all e) abolition of for-profit money – an end to usury/riba and of banking as global warfare| f) regulated international relations – an end to global exploitation through financial speculation g) all our sisters and brothers, and all out brothers and sisters – one in all, all as one, all in one 3. Danger of democracy being hijacked by the vocal and energetic; festival dynamic – slavery – homeless people drift from festival to festival to eat; agency dilemma – consumer coops; John Lewis workers cooperatives; need to be selective re: members; 4. All equal in need – deserving irrespective of circumstances; income and equality game yesterday at High Holborn (1-5 ratio); 5. Alternative to market forces in distribution; “not for profit”; intentionality has to change; to make a contribution; desire to give; 6. Problem if we make judgements on relative contribution of others – playing god will replicate current problems; cannot do without money – inherited various historic problems; fundamental requirements covered as a starting point pro-bono; sharing caring culture outside money; socially agreed range of reward – guaranteed living at base; citizens income; abolition of interest and rent – recirculate profit; 7. fuzzy idealists; never had to manage very much; free rider problem; gaming the system; My fair London; Class; interspecies not useful (children are not the same as adults); evolution of cooperation/compliance; incarceration rates; competition – worker coop diversity; income ratios 1-3 greedy aspire to third level of income; putting activity in cooperative framework; without the dead hand of central planning; Dawkins introduction to Evolution of Cooperation. 8. Motivation – project for the participatory society IOPS; Eleanor Ostrom's – what makes people act in a certain way; commons movement – Qulligan; including profit motives within land community; resources for the future; equality stretched in time; room for profit oriented people; what can happen now in language people can respond to; create institutions which allow people to talk across boundaries and whether in conflict; nested councils;social institutions which matter to people; to make a living is most important; Quakers an exemplar - learned how to do cooperation which created the Friends House; Positive News; Turpington Lane – how to get to them; Clement Attlee – free glasses, free teeth; Canadian policy for alternatives; Parliament is the place where change will occur; citizens income trust – guaranteed liveable income; 9. Dan Pink – performance and reward; blend of 4 personality types; need to develop different education paradigms to bring out all strengths; meeting example of cooperation; emergence over the last 5 years of wholistic quadrant; event presenters exchange freely giving; coops scale fractals; people self selecting; changing society is too big; break it down into manageable cells; cooperative audit; 10. unity – love; authentic – listening to other people and afford them respect; examples Mondragon; 4% in the UK; as quickly as possible; in the woods; on the walls; politics of the resistance; the long march through the system; Christian Socialism and Cooperation in Victorian England; cooperative movement NEWS cooperative.uk/hub how to start a coop; cooperative schools. Www.thenews.coop; if you have passion people will help; eg. St Pauls passers by support; wasting paper – printing; thriving not surviving; last week forest of symptoms – ourselves individuals; we don't take more time than due; problems – reasons not to do something; Thomas Graco; Peter Challen's commoning events; 27th/28th October; trust is important; hypocrisy exists; 11. 29th October 2012 – publicity; 12. Next meeting Monday 8th October 2012 – Friends Meeting House, Euston

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