2012/10/01 Minutes Economics Working Group

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2012/10/01 Minutes Economics Working Group
Janos, Ellena, John, Dave, Steve, Andy, Mike, Peter, Schrapp, Nelio Apologies: Tim 1. EWG meeting 28th October 2012 minutes – approved 2. Friday themes planning and publicity – posting publicity on website?; this Friday What a not for profit economy would look like? – John; Roadmap for Monday 15th October agenda, it is a list of ideas to move us forward: Possible future themes: Adult education; Basic income or Land Value; tax havens; holistic education competition v cooperation; early years education. Next theme: Education - Steve Friday 12th; 3. Putney Debates and Global Noise – 27th October 1-5pm Oasis; economics and democracy Richard Wilkinson, John Christiansen; 13th Oct Working group tables outside Stock Exchange. Banking socially useful banking? 29th October - can we ensure there is an Occupy person on the platform – sociallyresponsiblebanking; Events have been scheduled as per timetable; Costs have been underwritten by Chris; LBOI at Global Noise; 4. a) GIRO -presentation ready-meeting with Cable on 19th-need sight of Bank of Ireland contract - legal help? b) tax havens – event abandoned – vote of thanks for Chris F-D (Dave) c) Social housing policy – one of the themes; d) LBOI at printers 1500 copies – finance for more copies? My Fair London (London Equality Group) – CLASS publication; printers happy to print more to distribute themselves; TUC march on 20th Oct e) IFCT – Dave to chase Prof Golding f) website – not great; bounce rate > 90% (ideal < 40%); poor use of social media; not a great shop window to occupy; Mike will publicise EWG stuff through Twitter; access to analytics g) LA FoI request Nelio and Dave have had responses; localism bill will take away jobs (eg. Friern Library); Andrew Carnegie funded many libraries in Enfield; Mark Barrett? (Clive); h) stats – May 12th – Map top 1000 people increased by £150bn while deficit increased correspondingly; one society – the world mapper project Sheffield; address list for 1000 richest families; Occupy tours; I) Council for Economic Justice; 5. Shout outs: proposed national Free University conference to be held in Oxford 17-18th November; Political and Economic Literacy outreach pilot is starting in Oxford; Nelio's paper – needs to go on the website; new squat (204 High Holborn); Cinema event at Brunswick Centre - Paul Willemen memorial –attended by the “great and the good” - 20 film clips with a speaker; “The theory of national cinema” – book; Film facility for the squat because Willemen lived in a squat was well received. Proposal to endorse the proposition by EWG – approved; need a facebook person to put together publicity for EWG; 1 Hyde Park; Homes for Tax Dodgers – Andy; 6:30pm – 9pm Tuesday 9th October Tom Moriarty/Peter Dombi, speaking at Initiatives of Change, Greencoat Place, Victoria greencoatplace.org 020 7798 6000

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