2012/09/17 Minutes Economics Working Group

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2012/09/17 Minutes Economics Working Group
Janos, Peter, Schrapp, Mike, Joey, Ellena, John, Steve 1. EWG Meeting 14th September 2012 – minutes approved 2. Obi didn't respond to Mike's email; PA belongs to Occupy and Obi works to 6pm; livestream? GA wrong description; twitter 40,000 circulation; facebook/twitter audience sympathetic but need to be converted to interested; Spiros is the access point for the twitter feed? EWG needs access; South Bank Centre as a venue? If you need to attract public not ideal; what are the livestream numbers? Content was OK? GA hijacked for the motion on legal fees? Not a GA in future? Propose GA to sort out the format, control of PA etc. Regular monthly GA on process issues to be arranged? Propose a date? Liaise with Arun – Peter will email? Do we need bi-weekly meetings? No. Move to just Fridays. Continue the discussions on economic fundamentals; 5-7pm Mondays business and process; 5-7 pm Fridays at Friends Meeting House for themed discussion set the week before; initial cause analysis – systematic analysis of basic problems – root cause analysis – 28th Sept; What would a not- for-profit co-operative economy look like? 5th October. 3. a) PO GIRO Bank - progressing; b) Tax Havens – no further information c) Putney Debates – one of the four cooperative experiences – basic income activity session – John; Saturday 27th October - EWG stuff; 29th -Can Banks be socially useful? Janos/Clive session. Costs to be covered by donation. Vanity project? Occupy numbers are falling since St Pauls; debates opportunity to reinvigorate occupy to bring people in; social media group formed then abandoned, only usual circulation lists being used; Waltham Forest could put together big meetings; d) Social Housing Policy – nothing to report e) LBOI – agenda for Monday f) IFCT – awaiting meeting g) Website – nothing to report; h) LA FoI – Bromley – John will submit I) LVT – Caroline Lucas is keen on this? - Ellena to contact j) Roadmap – none k) Statistics - none l) Commoning meeting 24th - October Clive and Dave at School for Economic Science at Mandeville Place; 4. Shout Out – new movement D2015; Andreas Whittam-Smith; organising group will not interfere in policy. Randomocracy. Socialist workers party; 5. Next meeting Monday 24th September 2012 Friends Meeting House for business No meeting this Friday but following Friday 28th September Janos will lead the root cause analysis session at Friends Meeting House.

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