2012/09/14 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/09/14 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. EWG minutes 10th September 2012 – approved
2. Obi – no response; cancelled speaker from Waltham Forest; finance for Tom’s mobile phone? Clive – Europe and the banking crisis; Dave – inequality; Steve – concept of a bank; ECB – Mario Draghi; willing limitless credit to national governments; play to our strengths; react to audience;
3. a) GIRO – meeting arranged for Monday; potential issue with BoI deposit taking arrangements; Darren Hughes meeting Kiwibank Tuesday meeting; b) Tax Havens – Awaiting feedback from various people c) Putney Debates – Clive/Janos planning their session on Tuesday; people need to outline their plans; John involved in recreation of Putney Debates 1997; income and equality game – deciding how income should be arranged – online. 27th Oct EWG day; need to start firming up EWG contribution d) Social housing – nothing to report e) LBOI – in the post f) IFCT – awaiting meeting g) Website – no progress h) Local authority – FOI requests – resubmit if 28 days are up resend email with reference to the first asking for a respsonse I) LVT – Rob Blakemore – awaiting response j) Road Map – nothing to report k) Stats – nothing to report
4. Shout out – Peter and Tom doing something at an Institute on What’s Happened to Occupy? Details to follow; European Parliament – speakers from Occupy required – Dave might be going; UBS rogue trader in Southwark Crown Court; QE3 in the US; Investment banks selling dodgy derivatives to fund projects in Italy, eg. La Scala;
5. Next meeting Monday 17th September 2012 – Friends Meeting House, Euston

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