2012/09/10 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/09/10 Minutes Economics Working Group

Mike, Nelio, Dave, Chris F-D, Steve, Clive Apologies:
1. EWG meeting 7th September 2012 – minutes approved subject to TSC expansion
2. GA – 10 mins maximum slot per speaker– someone has to link it all together with a theme; location is good; subjects need to be related; watching yourself on video helps; does anyone rehearse? Worth doing? Notes are useful; half a dozen bullet points. Dale Carnegie book on public speaking; limit slots to people who have pre-prepared? Know your subject sufficiently to be able to interact with the people – get people involved in occupy; get people to question the narrative; need a good link person to drive the meeting; hooks and the meat; need something to say; its about connecting in the moment; topic of the week as the hook into the themes; crowd dynamism; bringing in topical issues; reconciling building regulations and planning; this Friday? putting issues into context; need to perpetually improve; need to sustain the Occupy brand – persevere; Friday Germany leaving the Euro; Soros letter in FT; options leaves the Euro;
3. Nelio’s paper – not yet modified and re-circulated; Nelio updated and passed to Dave for circulation; two women read the paper – interested but not yet wanting to come along 0ccupy = dangerous. Label.
4. a) PO Giro bank – Mike speaking to Finance Watch from Brussels set up by Tom Lines; Darren ex MP Kiwibank involvement? 17th 4pm meeting; George Thompson presentation; b) Tax Havens – no progress to report although more expressions of interest received; Dave emailed someone at Occupy Exeter; c) Putney debates program is coming together; Law, EEE and RDG are putting their program together; Chris is working on venues; emailed spreadsheet today and agenda; EWG materials are coming together; proposals required for each session; redressing the balance of the last 30 years; what we want out of the debates; we are a subset of the Putney debates; we need support; Christian label was good for occupy at St Paul’s – good for Putney debates; educate and identify practical measures to achieve change; danger of too narrower a focus on one objective; remind people occupy exists; meeting times, inconvenient; getting people involved in Occupy; “does occupy still exist?”; social media for GA’s on Friday d) social housing policy – nothing to report; Norman Tebbit policy will add to the already inflated house prices; Occupy paper will be useful on the 13th October e) LBOI – refining the cover f) IFCT – awaiting meeting confirmation; g) website – Mike looking at the website re: social media/Twitter for Friday’s GA h) LA – FoI requests – need to follow up on those who’ve passed the deadline and resubmit requests; I) LVT debate – Rob Blakemore has responded – potentially for the Putney debates; David Harvey? j) Roadmap – no progress k) economic stats – pass to Dave
5. Shout out – diggers2012-court papers – 800th anniversary Magna Carta; Morgan Stanley recruited Blair – Tutu war crime call; food price speculation; NT protectionist trust for the landed gentry; 3.5million members; deregulation of planning led to Spanish property crisis; banking “extend and protect” mortgages to prevent banks going bankrupt; Land distribution in Ireland? Kevin Carhill Who owns Britain? Concentration of land ownership; receipt of stolen property;

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