2012/09/03 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/09/03 Minutes Economics Working Group

Tamo, Steve, Dave, Schrapp, Ellena, Peter, Chris F-D, Nelio, Conor, Clive Apologies: Mike
1. EWG meeting 31st August 2012 – minutes approved subject to Paton not Peyton
2. GA – NHS on Friday; Chris: Occupy – profoundly dysfunctional; OWS lost their centre? Abandoned assemblies; Three GA’s planned and then abandoned; feelings of frustration shared; papers produced and not discussed; need some structure; lack of structure and hierarchy is the problem; Mike fed up?; we don’t discuss issues in terms of economics in proper form of argument – start off from a position of ignorance; reformist v radical? Navel gazing not productive; Occupy as a whole; Tax haven meeting frustration; Media team availability? Need PA and tent for GA? Who will chase Obi? – Chris (backup cube from Tim); Venue Liverpool St; Dave will contact Arun re: banner; announcement on groupspaces – Peter
3. Nelio’s proposed paper; Please read the paper which Dave distributed with today’s agenda.
4. a) PO GIRO – banking facilities through the PO are already available; government wants lending to SME’s via national bank; one of many government initiatives; b) Tax Havens – yesterday’s meeting disappointing – press timing problem – how to get the most out of it? Persistence may win out; practical support is essential; Tax havens – need other people from the EWG to pitch in; thanks for Chris’s commitment; Peter will chase Naomi re: timing for maximum media impact; next meeting of the Tax Haven planning group Friday 4:30pm at Starbucks, Liverpool St Stn. c) website development; awaiting feedback from Vica d) LBOI – typeset over the weekend 1500 copies to be printed in the next two weeks. How
will it be distributed? Through events; take donations for repeat print runs; e) Putney
Debates – EWG program – need a days worth of stuff – most of it available (Dave, Tim, Janos, Clive); venues being explored; if anyone has suggestions for venues contact Chris F-D; concern over Oasis involvement in free schools; why are we having to pay for venues? Rich Paton’s Can banks be socially useful event; LVT; housing; NHS; circulation of spreadsheet to see the meeting slots available; war event (Chris Coverdale) may have the support of Sam Walton to use Friends Meeting House. Need list of people we may get along to talk and a list of organisations to contact for publicity – Chris will contact Mark re interviews for publicity; John Cornaidge wants to be involved – quaker view of economics f) Housing – government program unlikely to help g) IFCT – meeting with John Golden PRIME initiative – awaiting feedback from the Dutch to his proposal for financial crimes court; h) LA FoI requests – awaiting feedback from Mike? Chris F-D reported “You may have to pay for the response” from Oxfordshire. i) LVT Peter tried Rob Blakemore / no response; Janos – Fred Harrison?; Robin Smith – local conservative association action; Schrapp to contact j) Roadmap – nothing to report; k) economic stats to Dave – thanks to Nelio for what he’s supplied so far.
5. Shout out – Vica doing a talk at St Paul’s Institute social media and communications structures – 25th September 6:30-8pm Wren Suite; Occupy South for the Democratic Convention; Cooperative party meeting in HG Wells Centre, Bromley South 7:30pm Monday 10th September; Banner drop at Tower Bridge – three arrested; Coalition for Economic Justice: A Conference on “Establishing an Economic System that protects the Commons”: all day 24th October 2012 at School of Economic Science, Mandeville Place, W1U 3AJ, on Wed 24 October 9am (9.30) to 4.30 with James Quilligan – details circulated with these minutes; Conor reported a big Positive Money event in January – details to follow.
6. Next meeting – Friday 5-7pm By Starbucks kiosk at the Eastern Entrance to Liverpool Street Station (on Bishopsgate). Followed by EWG GA

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