2012/08/31 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/08/31 Minutes Economics Working Group

Trevor, Nelio, Tamo, Ellena, Dave, Chris F-D, Steve, Arun, Schrapp, Peter, Clive Apologies: Mike

1. Minutes from meeting 24th August 2012 – approved
2. Tonight’s GA – proposal for an event with Richard Peyton and Andy Haldane. Arun will try to procure a megaphone as back up for PA. Chris will kick off with GA – NHS; Clive – PFI; Trevor – Occupy Chicago; Dave – distribution of income; Peter – executive pay; Steve –
problem of general division. Defer decision on 7th Sept GA ’til Monday when Mike’s around?
3. Nelio’s paper: Degradation of work under financial capitalism – Achilles heel of capitalism; financialisation of enterprise; maximisation of profit for shareholders; managers rewarded/expected to increase profits; proposed study of the cause being capital accumulation; another system of production is possible; full employment? continue to develop the paper; need to be aware of other perspectives; not for profit? producing for
need? financialisation process analysis laudable objective; help to motivate labour to demand change; US – 50% GDP financial services?; encapsulation of the proposition is degradation of the human being through the work process; people are bought; slavery; militancy implies negative energy – destructive force – reinforces division; need to unify – holistic; be an exemplar for the 1%; make the alternative attractive to the beneficiaries of the system; Nelio: change the dynamic of EWG; need a structure.
4. Statistics – in progress; Trevor: Foster and Magdoff “The great economic crisis”.
5. a) GIRO – meeting planned to make progress; b) Tax havens – need people to help assemble the spider and planning for 29th or whenever? c) Website – awaiting feedback from Vica; d) LBOI – two weeks to publication; problems at the typesetter’s workplace; e) Putney debates – venues booked for 3 Saturdays, 2 Fridays and Wednesdays and a Thursday and Sunday anniversary evening at St Mary’s – debt, private v public, climate change? US militarisation? Eliminate opposition; composite the topics to date; redressing inequality; prompting debate; what is the output from the Putney Debates – talking shop for grievances and demands f)
Housing paper to go on website; g) IFCT outstanding email to Prof Golden h) LA FoI submissions – repsonses how many? await feedback from Mike Gold I) LVT debate – awaiting feedback from Dan Syddall, Rob Blakemore and Robin Smith – subject for Putney debates? Lib Dems – wealth tax? Howard Davies suggested LVT is the only viable wealth tax. j) Roadmap – nothing to report.
6. Shout out – a) housing – squatting is illegal from tomorrow; circumstances dictate the morality; typically it has been a group effort; homeless charities are supportive of squatters rights; possibly the judiciary will be sympathetic; new law doesn’t apply to commercial
property; b) Rich Peyton – teach out at RBS; panel debate “Can the banks be made socially useful?” Andy Haldane, TUC, FSB – may be chaired by Paul Mason (end of October); approved as official EWG event. 500 people venue? Birkbeck? King is a hidden occupy supporter; location Oasis – not favoured because of education policies; South Bank? Friends Meeting House? Underwriting the cost of venues – voluntary contributions at the door? Haldane’s involvement gives greater credibility; wider participation in control of banks came
from Haldane (EWG banking paper); sponsor(s) for the debate in discussion; New Putney Debates supported by Occupy etc.
7. Next meeting at 5pm on 3rd September 2012 at Friends Meeting House – possibility of Tax Havens meeting on Sunday (coinciding with the Putney Debates meeting on Sunday)
8. Agenda for Monday – strategy with Treasury Select Committee? – awaiting outcome of road map; Liam’s walking tours continuing? Move your money is ongoing but needs to be sharpened up.

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