2012/08/24 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/08/24 Minutes Economics Working Group

Mike, Kevin, Tamo, Peter, Nelio, Schrapp, Chris F-D, Clive Apologies: Dave
1. EWG meeting 20th August 2012 – minutes approved
2. Olympic Audit – planning for GA’s Carpenters’ Estate 7 years of construction, no tickets; 350 / 700 apartment units empty – remainder being evicted. GA 2 weeks today at Olympic Village. 31st August 2012: NHS; banking system and economics; free at the point of delivery – 3% admin costs pre-Thatcher reforms; America 30%; post Thatcher reforms 12%; now 20%; sources? Increasing bureaucracy (from the way we live and reflected across
contemporary activities?); fundamental is people; talk about real people; eg. consultant in Sheffield – budgetary constraints holding over end of month caesarian; talk about PFI; Education Tony Brockman – ex NUT in Haringey? Organise by email; Chris F-D to find
someone to talk on NHS
3. Telling economic statistics? What for?; armoury of statistics to be on hand for when required; need to be collated and controlled by Dave (to be confirmed)
4. GIRO – Mandelson said £2bn needed to create GIRO bank – where does the number come from?
5. Tax Havens – noone for the planning meeting today; expecting to see Michelle re: spider. Chris F-D to forward to Mark (and Arun). Promoting the event to occupy and beyond; Please note, next Tax Haven Planning Meeting Friday 31st August 2012 at 4:30 by the
Starbucks kiosk outside the east entrance to Liverpool St on Bishopsgate
6. Website – Chris F-D housing intro refined to reflect petition content; Clive to input policy and Vica LBOI;
7. Housing crisis – ownership is not an occupy ambition?; Dick Holborn architect – focus on housing policy (60s and 70s); ownership v rental; raise issue and provide options for debate;
8. LBOI two weeks to publication and ready for print subject to abbreviating text in places?
9. IFCT – no progress. Kevin referred to Baker Bill which included national financial crimes investigation unit to look at bank fraud
10. LA FoI requests – Mike is keeping track
11. Dan Syddall – may come down in Sept; Peter will chase Rob Blakemore:
12. Shout outs: IMF – Full Reserve Banking – Clive to circulate IMF papers; affordable housing proportion mandate is inhibiting development and so the removal of this constraint is being considered; Neoliberalism – David Harvey revolutionary geographer; Jacob Zuma seeking
to pacify Lonmin miners – occupy yet to get Cameron to kneel in front of occupy; autonomous v public databases; Greens originated in Kahlsruhe now eclipsed by Pirate
Party; liquid democracy software; UK Digital Economies Act 2010, SOPA etc – limits on internet freedom. Gender politics? Algorithms analysing all data including activist output; decision making by algorithm. Root out usury; Critical Political Economic Literacy project (outreach to be piloted in Oxford) – seeking to raise awareness and understanding of economic issues among the young and those disadvantaged by the current system
13. Putney Debates – Chris has established availability of Oasis and Mary’s venues from28th Oct and 11th November; awaiting responses from other enquiries; the list of ideas for the debates exists (Sean’s Agile output – needs updating; potential subjects: large scale sporting
events always cost the tax payer; email subjects to Chris F-D by Sunday Putney debates
meeting; lots of entertainment and diversity to attract people;
14. Next EWG Meeting Friday 31st August 2012 at 5pm by the Starbucks kiosk outside the east entrance to Liverpool St on Bishopsgate

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