2012/08/20 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/08/20 Minutes Economics Working Group

Chris F-D, Dave, Tamo, Geoff, Peter, Schrapp, Johann, Clive. Apologies: Mike, Ellena
1. Minutes from the EWG meeting on 17th August 2012 – approved. Chief of US Army alluded to occupy as a threat to “the American way”. Assume minutes are monitored by the intelligence network to gauge whether we are a threat. Strategy for Occupy deficient and need to internationalise the occupy approach.

2. Olympic GA Audit on last Friday? Mike Gold couldn’t make it if he’s not around to lead it, what then? GA this Friday – canned for the bank holiday weekend. Planning Economics GA Friday 31st – PA required. Chris F-D will liaise and cc Mike.

3. Telling economics statistics – deferred to this Friday – more contributions welcome.

4. a) GIRO – meeting with Gordon Kerr on Wednesday b) Tax Haven action: Michelle – build a spider volunteer – John Christiansen is down to speak on 29th September and available for Putney debates. Nick Shaxson less likely; strong critics of tax havens reside on Jersey; is
LIBOR more significant? c) Website – Vica is progressing; Housing, LBOI. d) publication in two weeks – draft 7 – Lindsey will do the design e) Putney debates – Chris is
coordinating locations and Mike social media publicity – Nick Shaxson may be up for a debate – next planning meeting at St Pauls Churchyard 5pm Sunday 26th August 2012; need sight of the latest Agile list ; Clive email Sean, Mark and Mike to get the latest one; output in the form of a Bill of Rights; rectifying inequality; further discussion on Friday – Oasis venue has pencilled in dates – Mel has procured the marquee for Putney f) social housing –
imminent government policies to come out; social housing that has appreciated in value will be sold off to fund additional affordable housing; g) IFCT – meeting with Prof. Golden; h) A few more responses to the Localism Act FoI requests have been received. Any more to come?
go on your local authority website to the ‘Contact’ section and request, “Under FOI what consideration it has given by LB(+ your LA’s initials) to inviting expressions of
interest to run services under Section 81 of the Localism Act 2011 ?” (< 4 minutes) They must reply within 28 days. Please forward it to Mike Gold – ideally tell him when you’ve done the first step. in. Check on others i) How to implement LVT; j) Roadmap – no progress

5. Shout out: Greece pulling the plug on Germany?

6. Next meeting 24th August 2012 – at Cafe Nero, St Paul's. No meeting on Bank Holiday meeting

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