2012/08/17 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/08/17 Minutes Economics Working Group

Chris F-D, Chris, Steve, Dave, Nelio; Clive, Peter and Schrapp (later),
1. Minutes from meeting on 13th August 2012 – approved
2. GA – Mike’s delayed. Outline agenda: Dow Chemical; simple principles behind a bank;
housing initiatives.
3. GIRO – in progress; article on US post office banking and citywire on financial products via
4. Tax Havens -Plan for Spider build is sharpening up need team of 10 people to carry it; for
late September; format of the day in planning; next planning meeting at 16:40 at Friends
Meeting House.
5. Website – Clive to liaise with Vica; update meeting venues and times; Panyer Alley (Cafe
Nero) on Friday’s; Beyond capitalism – rework the intro;
6. a) LBOI – no comment in Peter’s absence; acronym links on website – discuss with Vica b)
general economics conference – Putney Debates; planning meeting 1pm on Sunday in St
Paul’s Churchyard; one day or a series? at St Mary’s? Waiting for booking person to return
from holiday; sent to Sean for inclusion: Janos and Clive – basic economics, banking
system; alternative systems; Skidelsky can’t come otherwise engaged; Oasis (Lambeth) is
available for some dates in October at £25 /hr c) social housing policy – people are talking
about it; Radio4, Chris F-D wrote to get air time for occupy petition on the subject-Grant
Schapps sounded platitudinous. Also in contact with Inside housing, a website publication;
housing associations are becoming increasingly commercial and all current policies are
supporting private market; various alternatives have been suggested to use profit from land
sales to fund social housing; Stoke on Trent council are selling housing in poor repair for
renovation on condition of retention for 5 years; Chris F-D has drafted a letter to dept
communities and local government in response to their inadequate response to the initial
occupy petition. d) IFCT – Dave responding to Prof Golden at LSE; tribunal to resolve
financial disputes; there was official agreement to the limited ambition of his proposal;
meeting in September. Richard Murphy on Radio4 – talk in Nov – see below. HMRC name
and shame list limited to bit players – £750m v £13trillion corporate tax dodging e) Local
Authority, Freedom of Information Requests on Localism. Some more people have done it. –
Enfield, Camden, Hounslow, Brighton, Twickenham, Ealing, Waltham Forest. EWG
members in other Boroughs to go on their websites to the ‘Contact’ section and request,
“Under FOI what consideration it has given by LB(+ your LA’s initials) to inviting
expressions of interest to run services under Section 81 of the Localism Act
2011 ?” (< 4 minutes) They must reply within 28 days. Please forward it to Mike Gold –
ideally tell him when you’ve done the first step. Thanks f) LVT – meeting date; Dave
Wetzel?; Land backed currency; Robert Blakemore; Robin Smith; – Clive to contact plus
Daniel Syddall; “How in would LVT work in practice”
7. Roadmap – may need to contact Richard Murphy; thanks to Janos for the Table of Contents
8. shout out; Dan Ashman suggestion – we need powerful economics statistics; please pitch in
with key economic stats (referenced); use a gold stand eg. GDP; beware of the distortion of
arguments by misleading statistics; lies, damn lies and statistics; eg. Recent fall in
unemployment ignores more part time and olympics impact;
IMF paper on full reserve banking
Daily Express story £21bn windfall tax giveaway funded from QE profits. Selling off
playing fields. Statistics of invisible people;
9. Confirm meeting on Monday 20th August 2012 Friends Meeting House
10. The GA was abandoned because of no PA. The Twittersphere is alive with opposing views
of the Assange protest. Some links were mentioned:
NB. Monday 5th November – Offshore Tax Havens: how the wealthy loot the world with Richard
Murphy at The Gallery, 70/77 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJ. The nearest tube
station is Farringdon.

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