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2012/08/13 Minutes Economics Working Group
Present: Peter, Mike, Steve, Nelio, Tamo, Chris, Dave, Fabian Apologies Tim, Clive 1/ Minutes of the previous meeting on Friday10th August 2012 accepted with slight revisions – to be re-posted on website. 2/ Review of last GA, - (Consensus? →) overall positive, but a bit heavy. Obi’s Group-space comments were about right. Group/by-passer focus was pretty good till item 8 – then drifting. (Discussion →) Needed fewer items (majority) (or just possibly shorter v succinct time on each (2?)). Some strong criticism of the difficulty of language on the handouts – some defence – we were experimenting, now we know, didn’t anticipate a breakout GA originally, some got it. 31 copies were not enough. Don’t overrate passing things at GA, engaging public the priority. Pleased 1st 11 points got consensus – but it was a bit nominal considering numbers. – still, had been circulated. Dealing with the last 3 banking proposals. – Resubmit them to Process (which gets a bit virtual periodically) to be considered as part of a non-breakout GA some time. Plans for Friday’s Liverpool St station GA. Agreed to engage with theme of the costs of the Olympics +- . Be careful to build on popular collective spirit, not alienate. Issues of e.g. Carpenters’ Flats, decline in urban tourism. Mike has about three speakers available – need more to be ready e.g. link opening ceremony NHS with Chris, lead in to general interest economics according to meeting’s response. Fabian will try to contact a radical academic writer on economic and social implications of the Olympics – idea of celebration capitalism. n.b. Pussy Riot avoid conflict of venue with supporting them. 3/ Post Office Giro Bank. Clive, Peter & Mike to meet this week & aim to get G Kerr actuarially & generally involved. V Cable has copied in Peter in a letter to Norman Lamb, Minister for Employment Relations, Consumer and Postal Affairs, about developing this and avoiding being ‘hobbled’ by existing contracts. 4/ Tax havens: Recognised the need to garner support for some event(s) – bit slow in August. Various other campaigns TJN & affiliates, War on Want, Action Aid, UK Uncut, aspect of Move Your Money. Who (do you know who) can build a spider? Contact Chris. Next meeting 4.30pm Friday 17 Aug before EWG at café outside Liverpool St Station main (east side) forecourt. 5/Website progress entering EWG stuff. A little bit more done. 6/ Updates on; a) Little Book of Ideas. Arun and others are proof reading it. Good discounted quotes achieved. Acronyms List – Nelio, Cornelius & Dave still debating. Publication date – two weeks. b) general economics conference / Putney Debates ? See circulated minutes of last Sunday’s Putney Debates meeting with conclusions at end. NOTE request to working groups to prepare something relevant. Chris & Dave circulated offerings towards this (attached doc. with this mailing). Mike would approach Dave McWilliams (Punk Economics) and Steve White & the Protest Family for entertainment. Chris is continuing to check Putney locations and will check the Oasis Centre, Lambeth North. c) Social Housing Policy – nothing new over weekend, but looking positive d) Review & action on proposed International Financial Criminal Court. Friendly invitation received from Prof Geoffrey Golden (founder of PRIME) to meet at LSE in September. e) Local Authority, Freedom of Information Requests on Localism. Some more people have done it. – Enfield, Camden, Hounslow, Brighton, Twickenham, Ealing, Waltham Forest. EWG members in other Boroughs to go on their websites to the ‘Contact’ section and request, "Under FOI what consideration it has given by LB(+ your LA’s initials) to inviting expressions of interest to run services under Section 81 of the Localism Act 2011 ?" (< 4 minutes) They must reply within 28 days. Please forward it to Mike Gold – ideally tell him when you’ve done the first step. Thanks 7/ Progress on ‘Roadmap’ – none over weekend – hopefully Friday. 8/ ‘Shout out’ of latest economic news. Dan Ashman seeking to put up telling economics statistics page. Peter will recirculate stuff gathered for May Demos and EWG members will add to the doc. during the week. Closing of RIES (Refugees Integration and Employment Services) due to cuts – particularly relevant due to athletes seeking asylum. What can we do? 9/ NOTE changed location next Friday 17 August 5pm Liverpool St. Station, Bishopsgate, outside central café main forecourt (east side) facing where we have outreach GAs 10/ Rough future schedule & themes thereafter. AGREED to ask Rob Blakemore, Daniel Sydall, Robin Smith & any other strong advocates of LVT (Dave Wetzel?) to bring to us a schedule and programme for implementing LVT (or at least discuss it) and propose a date to devote a meeting to this. 11/ AOB Tamo Gengel is a student with a UNESCO scholarship to study people’s attitudes to the City of London. Please go to www.lncn.eu/jps (that tall thing is an L) or if it doesn’t open http://goo.gl/GwdEE to answer his questionnaire. Thanks

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