2012/08/10 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/08/10 Minutes Economics Working Group

Minutes Economics WG Friday August 10th 2012 5pm
Café Nero, basement – opposite St. Paul’s tube

Present, Steve, Chris, Peter, Tom L, Kai, Dave, Apologies Clive Tim

1/ Minutes of the previous meeting on Monday 6th August 2012 passed as OK. No matters arising from the minutes not on the agenda

2/ Prep for next GA, with 13 banking proposals – various ways of delivering discussed – decided to play it by ear having discussed various options.

3/ Post Office Giro Bank update. Pursuing – need prep more for House of Commons delivery of a case which V Cable will arrange location. Need for transparency of such a bank, & our proceedings emphasised. Tom suggested it being privileged with the payment of benefits in some circumstances.

4/ Tax havens- brief review of rather broad discussion from previous meeting (see Janos’ EWG circular). No date fixed for next meeting yet.

5/Website progress entering EWG stuff. None since Monday but will pursue.

6/ Updates on;
a) Little Book of Ideas – still coming in 2 weeks, – probably found suitable printers. Dave contacting Cornelius re Acronyms
b) general economics conference / Putney Debates. More discussion of possible & interested participants. Meeting Sunday 12 Aug 1pm St. Paul’s churchyard by the tall cross.
c) Social Housing Policy. –Julia pushing some aspect. Noted, Milliband suggested it in R4 interview.
d) Review & action on proposed International Financial Criminal Court. Dave has emailed Prof Golden & circulated Tom M, Sean, Tom L & Peter (who can all explain derivatives) to potentially be at the meeting. Also see Sean’s online EWG circulars on this and issues on delivering to GA
e) Local Authority, Freedom of Information Requests on Localism. People need to get off their backsides and do it for their Local Authority. (Thank you in anticipation)

7/ Progress on ‘Roadmap’ – collected economic policies, currently at 19 pages. Revised draft from Nelio & Dave circulated. Still a long way to go. Hope to reach ‘critique ready’ condition by Friday 17th.

8/ ‘Shout out’ of latest economic news. Discussion of Standard Chartered situation. Agreed OK for Dave to re-send his initial press release and Daniel Ashman’s revised version to Press for them to choose, ignore or edit; then complain whatever they decided. ☺
n.b. Economic GAs outside Liverpool St Station due to start next Friday (7ish?)

9/ Next meeting for Monday 13 August 5pm Friends’ Meeting House, Euston, area off café or central quadrangle

Finished 6.30 to get to GA

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