2012/08/06 EWG Meeting Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/08/06 EWG Meeting Minutes

Chris, Janos, Nelio, Schrapp; Fabian, Dave, Peter, Clive, Elena, Arun
1. EWG Meeting 3rd August 2012 minutes – approved subject to amendment to 5 b) Chris has established interest from: Giles Fraser, Richard Murphy, Polly Toynbee, John MacDonnell; Richard Wilkinson (Spirit Level) and TJN (John Christianson) are possible speakers and replies are outstanding from Geoffrey Robertson; Robert Skidelsky; Helena Kennedy; Robert Peston; George Monbiot.
2. GA review – need to speak in the language that most people understand; learn from politicians who use soundbites; breakouts into smaller groups to talk about economics within GA’s (economics literacy): Economics Education group (now defunct) produced some materials: Chris Fraser’s online education tool? Questionnaire; Posters? Fabian to get them onto the website. Critical political economic literacy project formed out of TCU and Critical Thinking course is developing – intended to use graduates and post grads to run outreach courses/workshops to a curriculum. People are at different levels of attainment and one needs to test for assimilation. Three levels to address – top, intermediate and simple for public meetings – script – we need to be able to operate at all three levels; Liam is an exemplar and has a script which Dave will follow up on. Some don’t want to know, some need to know to change the world; make it relevant to most people by addressing things that affect them. eg. Setting up GIRO bank to engage on broader banking issues. Scotland Yard – not a great location for a public audience; Mel felt the capitulation to tent removal was premature; EWG need to lead on the public GA’s to explain economics and choose the venue. IFCT would engage people. 13 point banking paper – this Friday? Possible venues: Railway Stations, Liverpool St, South Bank, Art installation on South Bank to be occupied, roof garden, outside Tate Modern, CityHall (not public space). Smaller squares, e.g. Gillett ☐, Soho square; Russell Sq – cooperative cafe; Birkbeck’s SOAS green space; Holborn –green by car park? informal discussion around the points beforehand (Sean). For this Friday GA: suggest South Bank river side in front of Queen Elizabeth Hall.
3. a) GiroBank – contacts being sought – need to consider locations out of London? b) Tax Havens – meeting 4pm Friday at Cafe Nero St Pauls;
4. Website: Section Headings Policy, Papers in Progress, Blog. Side Menu items (banking, basic income etc.); need a means of donation? should be a button on the website; working groups to raise their own finance; eg. OT; need to know what you are donating to. Housing statement/homelessness; long term issues v ongoing issues; same document accessible from different places on the website; liaise with the website working group; EWG request housing policy document should be prominent on the website; shelve the collaborative software platform for the time being but possibly revisit once the changes have been made.
5. a) LBOI – proofing in train; getting quotes and cover design in progress b) Putney debates. Chris to ask Sean to put Agile proposals up on Friday in advance of GA; the event potentially brilliant if done well; Chris is awaiting return of the person responsible for booking St Mary’s church; putting out feelers to potential participants makes a lot of sense – thanks to Chris for taking the initiative; must involve the Archbishop; c) Housing. Communities and Local Government dept response to the letter to 10 Downing St – they need to answer the question – Chris to follow up; d) IFCT passed in principle by GA; idea mentioned on Helena Kennedy’s R4 Capital Justice program on the Law and Economics http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01lhbg0; Dave to contact Professor Golden e) Localism A ct responses awaited from the draft request letter circulated by Mike Gold.
6. Progress on Road Map – Nelio has annotated a copy for Dave. They’ll meet Thurs-day pm – others awaiting Dave’s next draft; Roadmap objective – to solve all the economic problems of the world; origin http://www.newint.org/features/2012/03/01/fair-economy-roadmap/ New Internationalist. Janos has done a Table of Contents. Roadmap grew out of School of Ideas session in Feb, organised into shape by Tim with additions from Dave.
7. Shout out – Section 12/14 of Public Order Act Thursday 7pm Passing Clouds Dalston (1 Richmond Road) with Steve Moore.
8. Next meeting Friday 10th August 2012 – Cafe Nero

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