2012/08/03 EWG Meeting Minutes

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2012/08/03 EWG Meeting Minutes
Steve, Jamie, Dave, Nelio, Chris, Arun, Clive, Mark 1. Minutes from 30th July – amendments: Item 5, Giles Fraser not Gilchrist + GF looking into booking into the church. Item 7, “at” not “of” LSE – otherwise minutes approved. 2. Planning for GA – LIBOR, three top points on Dave's banking paper to be discussed. Non- contentious items. Mention of non-exec directors taking directors' fees for doing very little and not holding management to account. Consensus in pieces or as a whole. More papers on the way. IASB issues etc. GA to approve as policy. 3. a) GIRO – feasibility study is being considered b) next Tax Haven meeting 4pm Friday 10th August (not on Monday) 4. Website – banking documents have been uploaded but some minutes from the early days are still outstanding. Difficult to find particular documents because there is one folder with everything in it. Clive to email Vica re: options and advise EWG via list. 5. a) LBOI – Glossary - Nelio has responded with a list from another source; Dave will talk to Peter regarding the number of items – should be limited to the acronyms used in the LBOI itself; Steve has web space he can offer with a Donate button which would permit money to be raised for reprints; b) Economics conference: real democracy group is interested in being involved; Putney debates – based on the history of the Levellers – social justice; 28th October – 11th November 1647; week 29th October St Mary's church will be available; Chris has established interest from: Giles Fraser, Richard Murphy, Polly Toynbee, John MacDonnell, Richard Wilkinson (Spirit Level) and TJN (John Christianson) Geoffrey Robertson; Robert Skidelsky; Helena Kennedy; Robert Peston; George Monbiot. Need to ensure liaison with Mark Barrett who has been talking about this from the outset. How much for the church? - £350 per night. Not just economics need to bring all the threads together eg. anarchist theories and democracy. History repeats itself, we've been here before. Other venues in the area? Attract publicity to make it a big event beyond occupy – edited video recording to be circulated. Why Putney? Cromwell's troops were camped there – forms of resistance; analogous to libraries being closed; mirror historical context; 365 years since the original debates c) Housing - nothing to report; Chris to email Vica re: housing statement as policy on the website d) IFCT – ongoing – Sean proposing to the GA tonight e) Localism Act – members to contact Local Authorities – see today's post on EWG list about TUC analysis of proposals 6. Roadmap – Dave has put a draft online which needs further organisation. Clive will explore versioning software solutions. Dave still working on the roadmap for others to contribute in a week or two. 7. Economic news: Mumble Tuesday – Tax havens discussion? Standon Calling festival this weekend, (about 20 miles up the A10 from the Great Cambridge roundabout on the North Circular) to include a play on banking on Saturday 4th August evening and Clive is talking at a lunchtime debate on banking on Sunday 5th August: http://www.standon-calling.com/ 8. Next EWG meeting – Monday 6th August at Friends Meeting House, Euston 5-7pm

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