2012/07/30 EWG Meeting Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/07/30 EWG Meeting Minutes

Janos, Dave, Nelio, Arun, Tim, James, Schrapp, Peter, Chris, Alfredo, Frank, Clive
1. Minutes of EWG meeting 27th July 2012 – approved
2. Chris FD gave background to Tax havens initiative – summary to date – arose out of
discussion of at the Tax Havens subgroup of EWG earlier in the year, with ideas to raise
public awareness and support for abolition etc. NOTE that a suggested day of action was
wrongly minuted (on Monday 23rd July) – should have been SATURDAY 29th September,
and not the 28th (at St Paul’s?) was initially stated, as this is a Friday. TJN interested in
being involved. Fairground/circuses attraction – a lot of work to put on one action; needs
ownership of the bigger group. “Are you up for something in September” to get people
involved? Beyond Occupy – open the barriers and let more people in. Need to attract people
(open/friendly) and avoid stereotypical protest behaviour. Need scale to make an impact.
Visual is crucial. Occupy works as a group altogether. Political literacy and dialogue
together is essential – networking the groups together. Physical symbol with narrative – tax
havens “impede the development of society” – Occupy draws attention to issues. Spider
reinventing the wheel? Giant squid! May – a lot of activity but what is the most important
objective of the action? Sub-group? Arun will coordinate with others. General agreement
upon an action to involve as many as possible, but concern expressed that wide
organisational concerns should not detract from the initial visual and targeted concept, with
the agenda to concentrate awareness upon the City as a central player in the world of Tax
3. Banking Reform papers’ context read out by Dave. Short term and long term issues –
accounting subverts regulation. Cooperation v competition? Agreed to take both papers
forward to the GA subject to the caveats being on both papers and emphasis on accounting
and credit rating agencies. Nebulous concepts – difficult to get the majority to engage.
Exposure to public scrutiny as widely as possible. Sunday or Friday (preference) GA?
4. LBOI – Arun is looking at it. Looking to get it published next week. Getting printing quotes.
60 page booklet 1500 copies; need to do the first run (£1200 for 5,000) before asking for
more money. Chris – OUP? OT printer may be better. Nelio sent acronyms to Cornelius who
will send it on to Peter. Donations? Website? WordPress site with donate button? Arun
5. Putney debates – archive not available to look at but fascsimiles may be available at St
Mary’s Church (John McDonnell MP, Giles Fraser are keen to be involved); whole range of
topics with the possibility of a couple of whole days. Chris is looking into booking the
Church for the event; Chris to contact Sean to check on agile progress.
6. Social housing policy – Chris spoke to John McDonnell (Hounslow) who asked to see the
7. ICFT – Dave contacting Professor Golden at LSE
8. Economics conference – no progress – possibly incorporating with the Putney debates but
shouldn’t detract from democracy theme.
9. Focus on criminal activity of the banks for the EWG GA’s in August; LIBORATION
stickers; 180 arrests over the demonstration against the Olympics; Localism Bill – Mike has
sent pro forma questions to Peter who will circulate; Corporations group is on hold
temporarily; Environment and Rwd groups meeting; TCU; Critical thinking course at the
Free University continues: http://www.freecriticalthinking.org; Tax haven course proposed
in the lead up to actions – Dave?
10. Next meeting Friday 3rd August at Café Nero, by exit from St Paul’s Tube station.

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