2012/07/27 EWG Meeting Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/07/27 EWG Meeting Minutes

1. Minutes from meeting on 23rd July approved.
2. Tax Havens – next meeting 4pm Monday 30th July 2012 – to resume inconclusive
discussion re: tax haven campaign; focus on London?
3. GIRO – Post office savings? National Savings? BoI boss being sued? Instant withdrawal?
Credit cards? Other loans? Banks failure? Deposit insurance? Mortgages? Peer to peer
lending? Network banking – potential overlap – Richard Murphy Tax Research UK. Use
external resources.
4. Road Map – establish knowledge base for the economics wg within the context of the
various solutions available. Collective effort more effective than individual effort. NEF,
David Dewurst; Chris Cook etc. contributions. Everyone needs to input and then rationalise
and organise to focus on priorities. Is there a technological framework to help the
editing/refining process; some interdependence among solutions; is a there a suitable
alternative methodology; Collaborative software? googledocs? Each reviewer will need to
devote 2 or more hours; Swarm thinking. Reference to International meetings conducted
through mumble. Versioning software? Agreed to undertake manually initially with Dave
doing the first review.
5. Website: Peter has input his minutes; Dave outstanding, Clive needs to add the latest couple;
Sean’s statement read on livestream re: neo liberal policy. Regular output for occupylondon
website and livestream required from EWG.
6. Banking Reforms – other ideas are valid; approved on the basis that the recommendations
are for reform within the current paradigm but we believe more radical reform is required.
Analogous to FT articles of banking reforms (crisis in capitalism). In the context of the
conversation over the past four years it should go forward and needs to be acted upon.
Government depositor guarantee reduction makes sense. Suitable response to the current
situation. Dave will make minor grammatical amendments. To go to GA. Agreed.
7. Putney debates – proposals are with Sean for agile process iteration – awaiting output from
Sean. The idea has generated quite a lot of interest across occupy. History of Putney debates
as a basis for the event? TCU discussions over the period. And at the location (the Church in
Putney). Clarke papers at Oxford form the archive for the original event. Proposed 28th
October to November 11th?
8. Half day session on debt – topics? Speakers? Cover all aspects of debt – integrate with
Putney debates or the Economic conference.
9. Economics conference – Andy has organised many such events. Tim and he met – notes:
economic issues are at the centre of Occupy’s concerns; is a bastard science; neo-liberal
period coming to an end; new constructions/ideas; suppression of the will to change; activist
and informed audience wanting to learn; ideas: economics and the environment; economics
and women. Venue LSE? After November. Debt as a focus? Re-transfer of wealth from the
1% back to 99%- disparity is killing the system – debt, taxation; understanding constraints
of banking technology; Parliament have no understanding banking technology eg. Current
derivatives and emerging instruments; nanosecond trading; corporations are hoarding cash
because they cannot find economic use and hence the demand for products which are little
understood; Facebook still don’t know what they’re selling in spite of the IPO, hence the
collapse of the share price.
10. Shout out – localism agenda? Contact local authorities; Mike to send pro forma (Peter will
send a reminder to Mike). Include City of London? Peter interviewed on LBC – topics:
Olympics and greenwash; using occupy language; fractional reserve banking phone in;
occupy concepts pervading mainstream media; Vince Cable on Radio 4 – housing;

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