2012/07/23 EWG Meeting Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/07/23 EWG Meeting Minutes

Dave, Chris F-D, Peter, Arun, Schrapp, Mark, Cornelius, Mike, Janos, Clive Apologies: Tim

1. Meeting 20th July 2012 – minutes
2. Mark – “bang up the bankers” event tying up with Positive Money and others to talk about change the system etc.
3. Tax havens – money hidden made simple to raise awareness and motivation to change things. Need to liaise with global occupy on international tax havens. City of London is at the centre of the Spider’s Web. Make a defiant statement – we’re going to occupy tax havens: awareness, inspiration, confidence etc. Don’t underestimate the momentum on these issues, Murdoch press talking about tax avoidance (private individuals). Promotion is a big part of this. Build momentum towards a campaign over the next couple of months. Clear on the idea – we want to occupy these tax havens on this date – planned speakers etc. To empower people. More people involved -wider discussion. Announce campaign in advance. City airport which is where people fly to tax havens.
eg. Public Statement: “Occupy Tax Havens” on 28th September 2012
Corporations and wealthy individuals hide £billions from the UK Tax authorities in secret offshore tax havens (according to the IMF)
At a time when so many face poverty, overwhelming debt and austerity
Build a campaign in conjunction with: Nick Shaxson, TJN, Richard Murphy, UK Uncut, NEF.
Once underway spread the word internationally.
Set up specific working group to organise it? Contact press and few others who could help to arrange another meeting.
4. GIRO – Peter, Clive and Mike progressing following Peter’s meeting with Vince Cable
5. Housing – Vince Cable agree with all we proposed but his hands are tied to some degree
6. GA after 17th August – Mike’s emailed GA process
7. Arun re last Fri progress Little Book of Ideas? What stage at? Link TCU? Get Illustration or PDF for web site TCU as well as Occupy London & Twitter. Arun will contact Peter re this.
8. IFCT – Prof Jeffrey Golden of LSE is trying to establish an international financial arbitration tribunal labelled PRIME finance – structure seems to be in place at the Hague in last few months but unused yet. Lower key than Sean’s proposals but Dave will approach Prof Golden to see what he sees as its scope for development.
9. Putney Debates: Chris cf original history, replicate in modern idiom – do some in Putney Church. Chris will contact Mark B re Putney format
10. Next Meeting Time 5 pm Nero basement opposite St. Paul’s tube exit Friday 27 July
11. Agenda today’s stuff – Tax Havens & Post Office GIRO bank plus previous agenda

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