2012/07/16 EWG Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/07/16 EWG Minutes

Dave, Chris F-D, Janos, Mike, Peter, Schrapp, Clive
1. Minutes from 13th July 2012 – approved
2. Last Friday’s public meeting: Started too early – should try 6:30pm next time. Run four
consecutive meetings from 17th August with input from other groups (Waltham Forest
Trades Council willing to participate). Feedback is encouraging from occupy people outside
EWG. Why stick to Liverpool St?– other mainline stations and do it every week. Repetition
isn’t a problem. Liverpool St seems to work. Corporation of London would jump on
meetings but Network Rail seem quite relaxed. Talking to the police to let them know what’s
going on helps. Involve more of Occupy with a financial connection in future. Don’t over
commit in terms of number of events. Simple concepts to get across. Olympic hysteria is
causing the police to be more visible and nervous. Mike to email process group with
proposal to do weekly Economics GA from 17th August for four weeks with involvement
from Occupy people but with a financial theme. Possibility of an NHS themed GA for this
Friday – Chris F-D to pursue. Future speakers: Janos on Basic Income; Robin Smith on
Land. Putney debates could run on from the Friday GA’s. Speakers, workshops, music and
dance etc. Variety of external groups may be interested in participating. Putney/Euston? The
Levellers were first group to identify commons under threat. All those happy to contribute 3
sentences to Sean’s Agile request by Wednesday. Venue: Bishop’s Park? Take it to the GA to
involve broader occupy.
3. Website – some minutes are up Peter and David will get the other minutes up.
4. a)Giro: powerpoint presentation done as a start. Remove references to full reserve banking
and foreign exchange; b) banking items to GA – Tim “good Bill from a Tory MP Steve
Baker forces investment banks to put up substantial capital to cover their speculative
positions.” Accounting and Tax Havens were in the original draft voted on the internet.
Accounting is vital and was mentioned in number 3. Accounting procedures and their
relationship with their regulators. Reliance on anticipated profits should be in there. Dave
will incorporate accounting for approval. Investment bankers need to be personally liable.
Irrespective of these policy statements, we mustn’t lose sight of the need for radical systemic
reorganisation of banking. Banking GA is planned – we need to get involved. Dave will
email process about banking GA. c) LBOI – samples presented – opted for simple design –
acronyms list has gone to Nellio;
5. Social housing – in progress
6. Latest economics crimes tribunal proposal – Nurenberg and Nazis not the best way to get
people on our side; rogues gallery is all very well but mustn’t detract from incentives to
game the system; international courts not easy to get into agreement ie. very difficult; may
be a waste of time; incredibly important because culture is such that fiddling is seens as
being clever; if we can indict them then there will a trickle down – there is cost to society to
these crimes; need laws but must be complemented by reform to make it less easy to do
commit wrong doing; LSE human rights person on radio 4 – BBC swung over to Occupy
position reference to Adam Smith Theory of Moral Sentiments (culture). Let those who are
interested pursue the proposal. Using the law is a good tactic for Occupy; people internalise
law; law does create culture; we have laws, it is about political will – we need to get people
into jail; Nick Leeson example.
7. Tom Lines – document final draft; leave for further discussion;
8. EWG list moderator required – proposal to appoint Janos as one of the moderators. Soft
form of moderation; offensive remarks reported to the moderator who will remove the post
and advise the author; thereafter for a period submissions to be via the moderator until
deemed OK to allow direct posting. Groupspaces and the email list operate differently?
Mike – opposed to censorship, haven’t seen anything to warrant this; SSP is Occupy policy –
responsibility to act sensibly with each other; need to do this; groupspaces had 400 people
but there were appalling attacks causing people to leave; critical to sustain Occupy;
interesting debate; would we all be told that something has been moderated. Need to know
what has been said – as one would from the original email. Proposal approved and Tim will
be back up moderator.
9. International cooperation list – LVT is legitimate for debate but not agreed as EWG policy;
list has been within the roadmap for ages and needs to be finished; occupymoney.de is way
ahead (insitutionalising); international online forums brought up at Sunday’s GA;
10. Debt discussion – deferred
11. Occupy radio 6pm Wednesday (Clive to attend) – Mark Weaver at Friends House; potential
link with resonance FM – Dan Ashman; Recommend everyone reads Vultures’ Picnic by
Greg Palast; ellena: Bob Diamond historic parallels from 1300s; Helena Kennedy talking
and to be repeated tonight. George Lakey talking about non-violent revolution at Friends’
House tonight.
12. Next meeting Cafe Nero, St Pauls tube entrance 5pm Friday

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