2012/07/02 EWG Meeting minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/07/02 EWG Meeting minutes

Nelio, Janos, Chris F-D, Dave, Schrapp, Mike, Peter, Tim, Clive Apologies: Tom Moriarty
1. Minutes from 29th July 2012 – approved
2. LIBOR – Clive is putting together an article for New Internationalist and a blogging contact.
Occupy is vindicated. Schrapp: “Bob Diamond blew the whistle and was sent to clean up
British fraud?” Do we need a different setup for press/media. No. It appears to work OK and
reinventing the wheel makes little sense. Peter will circulate press team contact details. Try
not to conflate different themes in one article. Cc press team.
3. GIRO bank. Mike proposed on Friday. He and Clive are liaising. Peter is meeting Cable as
his constituency MP. Mike is meeting Gordon Kerr re Steve Baker MP (Tory). Bullet points
circulated. John MacDonald, Michael Meacher may be interested. Mike will liaise with
unions. If anyone has useful contacts to put together a team to work on this. Press contacts –
next banking GA someone from Guardian may be speaking. Publicity should be held until
we have something tangible to propose. Federation of Sub-postmasters. Project of that
magnitude takes time to develop, risks being high-jacked by outsiders. Shouldn’t be limited
to GIRO – much broader reform? Need a plan to put to Cable. NEF policy includes thisidea.
Let’s get on with it. Mike needs contacts for NEF. Post office national data processing
service put the system together. Many people were unbanked. Low interest loan to the
government. Everyone to email useful contacts or details of help.
4. LBOI – Draft out; artwork being developed; Tim’s rewriting commons; Dave’s input from
LSE probably too complex. Email corrections to Peter and any useful weblinks. Funding
from Occupy will fund 5000 copies at 26 pages but we’re up to 50 pages. Daily Express
standard (Sun/Mirror) vocabulary. Let’s get it out with being too picky. Website with the
book and expansion of ideas.
5. GA on Friday – Schrapp (HR experience). Meeting very important. 1966 Paris meetings
brought out the Sorbonne riots in 1968; need to involve young people – they need to be
cultivated. Handouts are crucial. Duplicity – heckler from anonymous? Planning, location
(public land) PA and banner (essential) etc. were good; the meeting was a bit long or need
to start earlier. Public meeting in the traditional sense. Facilitator should have linked the
speeches together. Prepared speech doesn’t work, feed off the crowd and tailor responses to
reaction and questions. Spoke to the police in advance. 6pm start? Short speeches and Q&A.
St Pauls is much more tourist oriented whereas Liverpool St was ideal to get to City
workers. Railway stations are excellent venues. The other Occupy people were great and
asked questions. Julie did an excellent job. Friday mobile GA is popular – let’s do the
meeting every two weeks for the next couple month or so. Need to bring in speakers from
outside to make sure there is momentum; not all City workers are well paid. – Tim to
propose more meetings to process group. Broadgate estate is off-limits to Occupy members.
Do our own thinking and speaking.
6. Future meetings at Cafe Nero on Fridays; at Friends Meeitng House on Mondays
7. Shout outs – Banking investigation by George Osborne – occupy involvement? Social
Housing policy – letter is signed ready to go.
8. Next Agenda – GIRO and LIBOR plus the usual stuff

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