2012/06/25 EWG Meeting minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/06/25 EWG Meeting minutes

Dave, Chris F-D, Janos, Schrapp, Clive
Apologies: Mike
1. No minutes to approve from the previous meeting
2. Lively debate on lsxcampeconomics: misunderstandings and consequent conflict has
characterised much of the debate on the list in recent days. Airing differences is a vital part
of “storming” even at the risk of offending (Janos). However, personal attacks aren’t
constructive and best avoided. Regarding the GA on Friday it is planned to hold the EWG
meeting at Cafe Nero beforehand and try to resolve differences in advance of the GA.
3. Little Book of Ideas – it would be good to see the latest draft
4. It was suggested we need to look at http://occupymoney.de/ which has some good stuff and
provoked a discussion on the need to undertake a debt audit in collaboration with other
occupy movements eg. Spain and Germany. Discussion of the origins of the euro with a
view expressed that it was US multi-nationals which drove the initiative to make trade in
Europe much simpler for them.
5. Dave talked about Steve Keen’s book Debunking Economics and the evils of compound
interest at rates above the rate of wealth creation. There is a TUC meeting on new
economics in the next day or so but details were not immediately to hand.
6. Housing GA last Saturday involved Eileen Short from a housing action group and Dave
Smith from East London Land. There was an interesting discussion on housing issues and
Chris presented his paper on housing for approval by the GA to go to Downing Street and
generate some publicity for Occupy on the back of it. It was approved subject to an
amendment to clarify that it is an initial proposal which is to be followed up with more
detailed implementation plans, if accepted. The meeting endorsed the approval. Chris
recently met Andy Hall from IPPR and they may be willing to get involved if the initiative
gathers momentum. PR activity to be pursued through the Media Team, OT, New
Internationalist, Radio 4 and Channel 4 News.
7. General discussion on debt, austerity, policy paradoxes etc. Mention of the Commons and
Currencies forum which is exploring alternative money systems looking initially at the ideas
in Bernard Lietaer’s book Money and Sustainability:
An occupy initiative is being planned by some of the people from Tent City University and
others looking at creating educational materials for a “Critical, political, economic literacy
project” for outreach.
8. Future themed meetings to include Chris Cook’s ideas on alternative money systems, if
possible (following on from the money creation session) and LVT – anyone interested in
talking about the latter?
9. Shout out for anyone who has accommodation for a male German student, in August. He’s
coming over to learn about occupy in London. Details from Dave Dewhurst.

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