2012/06/11 EWG Meeting minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/06/11 EWG Meeting minutes

Chris F-D, Ellena and Clive
1. Events in the previous week: i) Initial meeting of Commons and Occupy. Exploring socially
acceptable ways of operating in the future. Further meeting scheduled at the Royal Festival
Hall 7pm Tuesday 12th June. ii) Occupy strategy meeting – exploring housing and localism.
Housing and communities agency is seeking to acquire control of publicly owned land –
Grant Schapps is looking at ways to release public land for use. Idea for occupy to acquire
land to build and occupy community space and truly affordable housing as challenge to the
inadequacies of the current system?
2. Housing – Chris has revised the paper and will circulate. Need for 200,000 new houses pa.
At a cost of around £20bn. Need to avoid provoking another property boom. Funding via
index linked gilts, claw back of QE? Housing is a hot topic and it could dovetail in with the
ideas in 1. Provision of good housing at affordable rents could force the private sector to
compete rather than profiteer. Security of tenure needs addressing. A Quaker paper is due on
banking and if people are contemplating moving their money, they’d be well advised to wait.
3. LBOI – on its third draft – awaiting sight. Should there be a section on debt?
4. Ideas to occupy tax havens simultaneously? City, Channel and Caribbean Islands.
5. Pilgrimage is under way in challenging circumstances (rain) culminating in conference in
Canterbury where Bruce Kent will speak.
6. Friday’s meeting venue to be agreed.

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