2012/05/21 EWG Meeting notes

Economics’s Docs 2012/05/21 EWG Meeting notes

Elena, Tom, Chris F-D, Tim, Dave, Geoff, Dave, Peter, Janos, Charlie, Clive (apologies if I missed
The meeting was primarily taken up with the presentation and discussion on banking and the money
system based on the slides circulated by Clive previously. Lively debate followed with general
agreement that this issue should be debated further with the benefit of input from others eg. Chris
Cook. It should also be considered in the context of the meeting last Friday at the School of the
Commons which involved the establishment of a “Currencies founded on the Commons”
discussion group involving James Quilligan (Friday was the last of a series of 12 James Quilligan
seminars), members of the Economics Working Group, participants in the Free University Critical
Thinking course and some of the Commoning people. An online forum and mailing list is being
It was also agreed to set aside at least one and possibly more EWG meetings to continue the debate.
On Friday Tim established a joint Commons/Occupy Group to try to build on areas of common
As part of the consideration of the future strategy of Occupy London, there is a meeting scheduled
for 1pm on Sunday 27th May in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. This will start off as a debriefing meeting for
the May events, but it is anticipated that the discussion will then move on to the future direction of
our movement. Contributions from members of the Economics Working Group would be welcome.
The GA on 8th June is wanting some brief contributions from the EWG. The Occupy Nomad group,
currently at Haggerston, would also welcome economic input.
Charlie and Hannah off to the US on Sunday to report on the Bilderberg meeting next week. They
are hoping to obtain approval from the GA on Friday/Saturday for the statement of support for
Occupy Bilderberg from Occupy London.
Elena: Start the Week with Andrew Marr this morning was on BBC Radio4 “Spain in Crisis”
looking at the Euro from Spain’s perspective. Involving:
Paul Preston is Príncipe de Asturias Professor of Contemporary Spanish History at the London
School of Economics and Political Science.
‘The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain’ is published by
Harper Press
Maria Delgado is Professor of Theatre & Screen Arts at Queen Mary, University of London.
‘A History of Theatre in Spain’, edited by Maria Delgado and David Gies, is published by
Cambridge University Press.
Daniel Hannan is a writer, journalist and Conservative MEP for South East England.

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