2012/04/27 EWG Meeting minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/04/27 EWG Meeting minutes

Dave, Chris, Peter, Elena, Janos, Mike, Tom, Tim, Clive

1. Meeting minutes 23rd April 2012 – approved subject to recording Sean left the meeting
2. People arrivals to OLSX: Tamo Genghal student coming over in August to learn about the City and occupy, looking for accommodation – CM forward email to Tim; Jim Evahoe wants to work with someone at occupy on money laundering – liaison with Dave, Tim, Tom Moriarty or Tom Lines.
3. Road map – compiled 10 pages of text; Mark Weaver asked for a flyer; single A4 version circulated for consideration at the next meeting
4. SSP – after discussion it was agreed that people should be aware of the SSP (which Tim circulated previously and is available on the occupy website) and we’ll continue as we are. SSP is to avoid intimidating others through abusive language, cyber bullying, aunt sally type arguments. Sanctions are that offenders are removed from the list for a temporary period.
5. Sean – much misunderstanding gave rise to emotional behaviour. Diverse backgrounds and approaches need to be accommodated which is why the process is important- to ensure everyone has a voice. Need to accept directions of the facilitator and act with self-restraint. Clive will circulate the Occupy ppt presentation sent by Tina which contains slides on process and handsignals. Dave will phone Sean to indicate we value his input if he’d like to rejoin the group.
6. Housing – Chris read his revised paper which retains reference to QE following Sean’s rewrite which was too long. QE refers specifically to creating money to buy gilts and so creating money to build social housing would be something different. It would still be monetising debt – BoE now owns 30% of issued Gilts. Whether it is referred to as QE is a technical argument but it still reflects the monetarist view of the last 40years that it is the way to recover from recession. It is led to a series of asset price inflation bubbles – time to try something different. Using RBS as the vehicle for implementing social housing policy would mean centralised control as opposed to local authorities which may or may not be a bad thing. Reference to QE is unnecessary – it should unashamedly call for a shift in fiscal spending priorities to favour social housing.

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