2012/02/27 EWG Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/02/27 EWG Minutes

Minutes of Economics Working Group – Monday February 27th 2012 5pm

Present: Peter, Tim, Elena, Dave, Mike, Janos, Schrapp, Tom F, Fabian

1. Previous Minutes

Were read and deemed to be accurate.

2. Banking Campaign

No further discussion except to say that the ‘Walk around the Boroughs’ would be coordinated by Elena, and the Criminal Investigations prosecution would be picked up by Tim.

3. Greek Crisis

Felt we should send some kind of message of support. Mike gave a very good summary of the essence of the crisis, and pointed out that the Tax Justice Network has a very good animation on their website which describes the problem with the Euro – he will forward the link.

4. Strategy Meeting

This was deemed to have been a very successful event and minutes will be circulated shortly. It was agreed that we would change the structure of the weekly meetings so that Mondays would be for normal agenda items, and Fridays would alternate between critical thinking meetings and meetings themed around specific discussion points/areas of interest. We would look into other possible venues for our meetings as follows: LARC – Fabian; St Brides – Elena; Finsbury Square – Tim; St Pauls Institute – Elena.

5. International Outreach

Dave has been to a first meeting of both the International Outreach and EEE groups. He will now attempt to contact New York and Spain to see if they have Economics Working Groups.

6. Occupy Website

Tim would write a summary of EWG progress and particularly the strategy meeting to pass to Fabian for putting up onto the website. We would also contact Vica to find out why last week’s update didn’t go on.

7. It was requested that at the next meeting there should be a discussion of the Glass-Stiegl Act.

8. Tim asked for any contributions to the Evan Davies document. He also has a podcast.

Next Meeting

Friday 2nd at 5pm in Café Nero.

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