2012/02/06 EWG Meeting Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/02/06 EWG Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Economics Working Group – Monday February 6th 2012 5pm

Present: Peter, Tim, John, Elena, Anesu, Dave, John Courtneidge, Sophia, Lilias

1. It was announced that this Friday 10th Feb the Move Your Money campaign were asking people to meet at Barclays Bank, 56 Southampton Row, WC1B 4NB, between 8.30 and 9.15am to show dissatisfaction with the way the bank is run by closing their accounts.

2. RBS Teachout

Plans for this event on February 23rd are progressing well. There is a further planning meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 7th at 2pm in Ye Olde London. When the event is finalized it will be taken to the GA for approval. It was agreed that if the GA didn’t give concensus for it being an Occupy event, it would go ahead as an Economics Working Group event.

3. It was announced that Dani Pelos was setting up a co-operatives subgroup. This is quite pertinent as 2012 is the UN year of co-operatives.

4. We are trying to contact Noel Doyle about his talk at Westminster University, and the discovery that he may be sharing the panel with an extreme right wing group.

5. Strategy Meeting

Everyone was urged to complete the Doodlepoll about available dates, and at the next meeting we will agree when it will take place.

6. Tax Justice Network Newsletter

Three of the articles are underway. Anesu agreed to start work on the fourth article, which will be number 10 on the shortlist – Comparing declines in Capital taxation and increased spending across different countries. There are three weeks left to complete this project.

7. We moved on to discuss Banking and the areas we wish to focus on. There was a long debate about the best way to approach this, the nett result being that the 2 Johns each agreed to produce a 1200 paper expressing their alternative viewpoints.

Next Meeting

Friday 10th at 5pm in the Tent City University if available, otherwise Café Ner

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