2012/01/27 EWG Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/01/27 EWG Minutes

Minutes of Economics Working Group – Friday January 27th 2012 5pm

Present: Peter, Tony, Tim, Mattia, Benjamin, John, Elena, Juliana, Anesu, Fabian, Rob, Liam

1. FT Article

There was a long and at times heated discussion about the FT article. It was noted that it had provoked a lot of discussion on the FT on-line forum, and in a letter to the FT someone had compared Occupy to the Nazis!

It was agreed that there were concerns about how such things should be accredited, particularly with the passing of the Statement of Autonomy at GA this week. Tim volunteered to draft a statement about how such issues should be addressed going forward.

2. Newsnight

It was announced that Dave Dewhurst would be appearing on Newsnight this evening.

3. Exploration of Banking Issues

It was mentioned that where possible we should liaise with external organizations who are already involved in any of these issues, in order to save re-inventing the wheel, and also to give more weight to any initiatives we may be involved in. There are potentially some fruitful partnerships we could be involved in. It was mentioned that to many members of the public issues in Banking are central to what Occupy stands for. Tim volunteered to do some work looking into banking ethics. John read out some rough cost/benefit figures relating to the issue of dealing with unsafe derivatives.

It was agreed banking issues could be split between Long Term vs Short Term or National vs International. Rob volunteered to try to look at some of the underlying causes of the banking issues.

Liam mentioned there was a difference between the politics and the policy in these matters, and perhaps the movement could be built by concentrating on the political side of these issues.

Benjamin said it was worth exploring the extent to which the Financial Services Industry served its own good vs serving the common good. He said Occupy was much smaller and had much fewer resources than the forces we are opposing, and our primary role should be to ask the questions that the general public can’t.

Rob read out a brief summary of proposals around Land Value tax, highlighting the fact that for most people rent is the biggest part of their cost of living.

Next Meeting

Monday 30th at 5pm in the Tent City University (if available) otherwise in Café Nero.

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