2012/01/20 EWG Minutes

Economics’s Docs 2012/01/20 EWG Minutes

Minutes of Economics Working Group – Friday January 20th 2012 5pm

Present: Peter, Chris F-D, Tim, Dave, Chris F, Mike, Robert, Janus, Noel, Mary, Schrapp, Anesu

1. Banking GA

Plans for tonight’s Banking GA were discussed.

2. Liaising with Waltham Forest Trades Council

It was suggested the event could perhaps include 2 members from Waltham Forest and 2 from Occupy. Possibly an afternoon event running into something more social in the evening. Need to agree the location. Mike is however away for 2 weeks from Monday so nothing will happen until he returns.

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Reviewed and agreed to be accurate.

3. Review of Beyond Capitalism Event

Chris F. gave his impressions of the event. Mary said it highlighted the fact that we (Occupy) need to produce a coalition of aims otherwise the movement will go nowhere. There was a vote of thanks to Chris for organising such an excellent event.

5. Sub Groups

It was stated that apart from Tax Havens, Land & Housing, and Economic Democracy, all the other sub-groups seemed to be inactive. Chris said he was working on Education and Inequality groups, but will be away for a month from next Thursday so there will be no further progress on those for a while. If anyone is in any of the other sub-groups and is currently working on anything, could they let us know before next Monday’s meeting otherwise all other groups will be declared defunct.

6. Keeping up With Other Economic Events

There is an Economic Literacy course running at the Bank of Ideas. It is every Tuesday 6-8pm in Room 209. There is an Economics discussion in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall at 6pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.

7. Strategy

Tim suggested we should have a strategy meeting at some point to discuss working methods and different ways of taking the group forward.

Next Meeting

Monday 23rd at 5pm in the Tent City University (if available) otherwise in Café Nero. For future meetings, given the problems with possible eviction, we agreed we would have to play it by ear, but our general policy would be to have meetings as close as possible to wherever Occupy LSX is based.

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