2012/01/07 Minutes Economics Working Group

Economics’s Docs 2012/01/07 Minutes Economics Working Group

1. Minutes from 17th, 21st December and 4th January 2013 – approved subject to correcting Month on January minutes heading.

2. Douglas on multiplying wind power: Skydiving simulators in Milton Keynes and Manchester demonstrated the concept of recirculating the air which multiplies the power; adding additional turbines further multiplies the power; can be sited next to an existing power station and multiply the power (wind is not necessary); 1.2m diameter domestic installation can generate 4kw (twice that needed); could use night time surplus energy from the Severn project; effective way of capturing wind power – if no wind, need electricity to power turbine – more power out than input? Need prototype to convince people; comparison with ordinary windmills? Number of rotors and size impact; 30 times more powerful than standard turbines; more rotors/ more power; source of continuous renewable power; multiplier of power; referring to Energy, Environment and Equity Group; similar to gyroscopic principle? Previous experiment of motion by virtue of inverted pendulum and magnetism. Friction losses in the wind technology? Boundary layer losses are very small;makes energy almost free; with 2bn starving – needs to be shared freely; paper to prove the concept? commons knowledge; safest in the public domain – put a commons licence on top of the existing patent; open source model;
3. Topic for theme on Friday: Scale of banks or LVT with reference Henry George, Progress and Poverty; demand is extracting even more from the land; Marx acknowledged land robbery but did nothing about it; need to put together George and Marx; George avoided talking about accumulation; notion of class struggle is not clear unlike for Marx; agreed to talk about scale and size on Friday 11th January – Clive to circulate something; Steve wants to talk about the urban world sometime; suggested speaker for the future – the guy who set up the people’s supermarket in Lambs Conduit Street. Economics of climate change could be a future topic;
4. Tim to propose a date and location to organise an economics review/discussion in line with what was agreed late last year.
5. a) GIRO – Mike is planning a meeting on his return; b) smaller banks meeting (Rich) – to deal with system risk – Michael Mainelli possible speaker; possible venues Friends Meeting House, LSE, TUC; c) roadmap in train; d) LBOI 500 in stock – next edition being discussed; e) EWG website – Dave to circulate something; Lancaster EWG and others have offered help; e) social housing policy – Steve to circulate a summary of his presentation; Whitty report is one of the best documents on the subject; David Harvey and David Graeber have written definitive books for Occupy? need to analyse and discuss the books; f) LA FoI requests – refer to Mike; g) Commoning meetings – 10th January details from School of Commoning h) economic statistics – send more information;
6. Shout outs:
12noon Sunday 13th January 2013 – Occupy New Year gathering Phoenix Project 244 Goldhawk Road W12 9BE
22 January 2012 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at SOAS – Becoming Catalysts for a Radical Social Movement in 2013
Tamo”s book is out in German and English translation due in a few months; Peter interviewed in Financial World; Mary Portas – shops in the high street.
7. Next meeting Friday 11th January 2013 – scale of banks and corporations

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